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How to use your CD-ROM under Linux

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From: Cristian <rosu_gus(at)> [ date: 2003-03-14 ]
How about if I have 2 Cdroms on the same IDE channel - one is master and the other is slave (actually I have 2 harddisks (hda and hdb), a CDrom (hdc), which is working, and a CDRW Philips, that I can't see). Could my kernel not see the hdd? Is limited from hda to hdc? How can you add a device, even if you don't actually have it installed (a ghost, or fake CDrom, like a CD iso image)?
From: John Amamoo <j_amamoo(at)> [ date: 2004-03-08 ]
After typing "cd /dev" followed by "ln -sf mcd0 cdrom", fstab does not recognize my cd-rom. When I insert a disc in the cd-rom, it spins and stops without loading automatically, as it had always done. How can I undo the problem?
From: John Horan <naroh(at)> [ date: 2005-12-29 ]
I have a Sony slimtop PCV_LX800. I upgraded from ME to XPpro on one partition and Linux on another. I can read the CD but cannot write to it.

Thank you for the info but it does not work for me.

I typed dmesg and got:

When I write to the CD from linux on toshiba I show myself that my procedure is ok.

Any help appreciated.

John Horan

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