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Discovering Ted

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From: Chris Menzel <cmenzel(at)> [ date: 2000-11-04 ]
Ted is very useful for quick and dirty rtf editing, but it cannot be taken
seriously as a word processor until it implements an undo function.
From: Martin Vermeer <martin.vermeer(at)> [ date: 2000-11-04 ]
Actually Ted is a very nice basic "Notepad" type app -- more than an editor, less than a word processor, though it will do as one at a pinch. A graphical toolbar would be nice.
I have adopted Ted as the "fax editor" for the FaxView package, of which I am the current maintainer. Ted itself can "print" to a fax modem, a handy feature not mentioned in the article.
FaxView is a graphical user interface in tcl/tk for the well-known and excellent efax package by Ed Casas.
Find FaxView at .

BTW. the translation work to French using the X resources file is impressive! I only used this technique to change the Print menu text to Print/Fax...
From: Ashok <ashok(at)> [ date: 2000-12-13 ]
Nice to know about a new package. But have you compared
this with Abiword ( Can you please
comment about a comparision?

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