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QCad: Technical drawing with Linux

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From: Horst Liesinger [ date: 2002-01-07 ]
Es gibt noch mehr 2D CAD-Programme zB LinCAD von Messerli (ehemals HAN) oder Me10 von CoCreate (ehemals HP) und zuminest Ansätze im 3D wie von ProE und UG, möglicherweise auch noch andere.
Momentan liegt es wohl an den Kunden Linuxversionen zu vordern.
From: Doug [ date: 2002-02-15 ]
Nice article but don't forget that VariCAD is a Linux 2D/3D drawing application.
Yes, they have a Windows version too (since they use Qt).

It is commercial (~$300-$400) but with educational and trial version.

I don't work for them but use the product in our business.

From: Jo Simoens <rainbow(at)> [ date: 2002-02-19 ]
It is not clear to me what DMT 10 by Mécasoft is exactly. Can I download it somewhere? I'm trying to do the exercise.

From: Harikrishnan Tulsidas <hariks(at)> [ date: 2003-01-27 ]
How can we draw a sinuous line in Qcad?
From: Christopher Jensen [ date: 2003-10-14 ]
I've created an animated QCAD tutorial for English and non-English speakers alike. You can find it at:

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