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Home Networking, glossary and overview

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From: Mario Miyojim <mario(at)> [ date: 2000-01-25 ]
I think we need more articles like these,
describing actual experiences with small
networks, to encourage users of Linux to
use the resources available efficiently.
Thank you.
From: guido socher <guido(at)> [ date: 2001-01-01 ]
The article suggests to buy ne2000 cards as they were very cheap
at the time of writing. I recently noticed that dual 10/100 Mbit
cards with the realtek chip 8139 are now the cheapest cards on
the market. They are probably now the best choice. The realtek
chip is supported with the rtl8139 kernel module.
From: Niels Przybilla <nprzybilla(at)> [ date: 2001-01-10 ]
I search a source where I can find more about problems with cabels because I had the problem with 100 Base T that the network doesn't work. I connected everyything correctly, but i had problems with the cabels and the plugs.

From: robert holman <gerwin(at)home> [ date: 2001-05-18 ]
i have linksys 4-port port router trobult adress with router adress
windows 95 on ibm me oncompaq need help
From: Bill [ date: 2001-10-30 ]
Windows 95 on an IBM computer and Windows ME on a Compaq computer and you came to Linux Focus for help with your network?

Where is the Linux in your setup?

I have three physical machines and one virtual machine. Two run Linux, two run Windows 98 (the 2nd copy of Win98 runs in VMware Express). They connect both (via a virtual Win / Linux ethernet from the virtual Win machine to the 2nd real Linux machine) and externally via a Linksys 8 port router. From there, all machines connect to the internet via a cable modem. Do you think Microsoft would help me get Windows and Linux talking to each other? Do you think the cable company is interested in even hearing about a Linux-only problem? The standard response, from both sources is "we don't support Linux".

Please do not take this personally, but I only support Linux. It's up to Bill Gates to support Windows. Part of your purchase price was for tech support directly from the manufacturer. Claim what you have paid for.

I'm sorry, but you'll need to install a copy of Linux somewhere in that mix before I am going to put much effort into providing support. The focus here is Linux.
From: Cyberduck <cyberduck(at)> [ date: 2001-11-18 ]
Helo people,
for a long time I'm searching for a tip to solve my networking problems.
I have an Linux-machine as DSL-router with Samba for file-sharing.
My problem is the stability of my network-connection. When I'm connected to the server, regardless by Telnet or Samba, sometimes the connection is resetted. I don't know why I loose the connection but I dont think samba is the reason for this, because it also happens with telnet. I'm now searching for several weeks but I didn't find a solution yet.
Please can anybody help me?`
Sorry for my bad english, I'm a german Linux-newbe...
From: Mike <os2(at)> [ date: 2001-12-10 ]
hi! i need to know how to crimp the rj45 to the cable. can anyone help me with the mechanic? thanx
From: guido [ date: 2001-12-11 ]
Hi Mike,
you need to buy a special crimp tool for the rj45 connector.
Ordinary pliers will not work.
From: KALI IT <KALICHARANOJHA(at)VSNL.NET> [ date: 2003-08-19 ]
From: Anonymous User [ date: 2004-04-07 ]
Thanks. The article display sort but direct information about home networks on Linux.
From: Stanley (aka ox) <> [ date: 2005-01-03 ]
Thank you very much for such a concise well explained tutorial. You destroyed a giant mythological dragon of my mind named Ignorance.

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