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NEdit, the universal editor in Unix world

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From: Mark Constable <markc at> [ date: 2000-03-06 ]
Interesting you mention the Amiga, an old (oops) favourite of mine too. I've been using Nedit for quite awhile simply because it's the closest thing to CygnusED on the Amiga that I have seen yet. I'm just intergrating the latest Nedit into a recent GNOME install and I gotta say, it's almost as good as the Amiga used to be (the overall interface)... we are almost back to the future with an Amiag2, but even better, this new one is fully OpenSource'd.
From: Corne Beerse <beerse(at)> [ date: 2000-03-13 ]
The comparision is not vi and unix versus dos and windows but one of:
vi and unix versus edlin and M$dos
(I mean edlin, the editor in M$Dos 1.0 until 5.0.
Edit in M$dos is the qbasic environment: remove qbasic.exe and try edit again ;-)
Or for the newbies:
vi and unix versus notepad and Windows
This gives Nedit the next place
Nedit and X11/motif versus notepad and windows

From: Nathaniel Gray <n8gray(at)> [ date: 2000-04-03 ]
I started using NEdit because I refused to learn vi, the editor from the stone age, and XEmacs was taking up gobs of memory and running slowly. I knew there had to be an alternative, but I didn't realize how much better it could be. NEdit is very easy to use, very powerful, highly customizable (and you don't have to learn lisp to do it), and has a responsive and friendly user community. Which reminds me -- if you want to get the most out of NEdit, be sure to join the mailing list. It's quite active and there are lots of useful contributions.

- N. Gray
From: James Blackwell <innocent(at)> [ date: 2000-04-23 ]
Congrats on going gpl.

Me personally though? I'll stick with vi. It's
on every system I need to work on, it's extreemly
efficient, it's small, and it doesn't require X
be installed on both the server and client in
order to use it over the network.

Then again, I put vim on windows boxes whenever I
spend much time on them....
From: J. J. Ramsey <jjramsey_6x9eq42(at)> [ date: 2000-04-24 ]
Some nitpicks:

1) Vi did not evolve into Vim. Vi inspired
several clones, such as elvis, vim, nvi, and vile.
The clones improved on the original by adding
syntax highlighting, cursor key navigation, etc.

2) Xemacs isn't the X version of Emacs. Xemacs is
a fork of GNU Emacs 19. Both GNU Emacs and Xemacs
have X interfaces.

From: Carlie J. Coats, Jr. <coats(at)> [ date: 2000-04-24 ]
Indent-Block and Outdent-Block (control-) and control-()
are another VERY useful feaature for programmers.
From: Phil Quiney <pquiney(at)> [ date: 2000-04-24 ]
>:You can start NEdit typing the command "nedit" or
>:by double-clicking on it's icon. Desktop icons
>:and start menu depend of course on the
>:Windowmanager that you are using. Normally you
>:open one instance per file. If you open ten
>:files, you'll launch NEdit ten times. It's a
>:common behavior, sometimes a bit annoying.
Stick nc.autoStart: True
in your ~/.Xdefaults file and get used to typing
'nc' (or set an alias) which is 'Nedit Client'.
This runs a single instance of the editor with
a new window for each file...The 'autoStart'
flag tells nc to start a nedit server if it can't
find one without prompting you. There one less
bit of anoying behaviour ;-)

From: Araechelis M. <ghostis(at)> [ date: 2000-04-24 ]
When I use Nedit on linux 2.2.13 XFree86 3.3.5 through
VNC on windoze I can't type any lowercase letters.
Letters typed with the shift key held down appear 50% of the time
Any ideas?

p.s. Nedit also complains that it needs to be relinked.
Related problems perhaps?

From: Matt <Matthew.Couchman(at)> [ date: 2000-10-19 ]
> Normally you open one instance per file. If you open ten files, you'll launch NEdit ten
> times. It's a common behavior, sometimes a bit annoying.

Actually, if you use nedit in its server mode then you only need one instance of nedit. Its pretty simple to use and well documented on the help menu.

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