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XMRM: Multi Resolution Morphing

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From: creavideo <manfredboos(at)> [ date: 2002-04-28 ]
wann gibt es dieses progrmm endlich in deutsch?
viele mneiner bekannten und kunden hätten großes interesse
aber wie gesagt: in deutscher sprache.
ist das vorgesehen oder wird es dieses progrmm nur in englischer sprache geben?
From: lyle <lyle(at)> [ date: 2003-10-24 ]
XMRM looks to be great software and extremely useful except for one problem.

I keep getting an error when "saving pics when calculate" and "Saving Pics from animation" telling me I cannot save *.tif files and not enough memory even when I have more than 1gig available.

If anyone could help I would be most grateful,

From: Peter Gardner [ date: 2005-01-19 ]
Installed on Slackware 10 with PentiumII, 288 MB memory - 19 Jan 2005.
Works fine after making some necessary changes - see below.

Some links on the webpage are dead - use those below for downloading some
necessary software.

1/ XMRM Software used...
Updated xmrm source:




"tifftopnm" and "ppmtoyuvsplit":
Already installed iwith Slackware 10 as part of netpbm-10.18.12

2/ Changes to Makefiles and changes to source code.

All line numbers #nn are approximate.

2.1/ xform
Nothing to change. Just:

make && make install

2.2/ xmrm

Several changes necessary in the Makefile and

2.2.1/ Makefile

#20 CC=g++
Changing from CC=gcc fixes the problem with "make all":
xmrm.o(.eh_frame+0x11): undefined reference to `__gxx_personality_v0'
xmrm_cb.o(.eh_frame+0x11): undefined reference to `__gxx_personality_v0'

#32 COMPILE_FLAGS - change -I/home/guido/xmrm/xforms/xforms/FORMS
to suit your FORMS directory.
I copied the /FORMS directory to /usr/lib/FORMS and remembered to delete
and remake the link:
ln -s

#40 SYSLIB - change -L/home/guido/xmrm/xforms/xforms/FORMS
to suit your FORMS directory

#41 Comment out the first of the 2 LIBS lines:
#LIBS = -L/usr/lib -ltiff -ljpeg -lgz -lforms -lXpm $(SYSLIB)


To fix this problem with "make all": In function `void Load_Project(const char*)': error: ISO C++ forbids assignment of arrays In function `void Save_Project(const char*, int)': error: ISO C++ forbids assignment of arrays

At line 1157 change this:
control.akima_P[i] = proj.akima_points[i];
to this:
control.akima_P[i][0] = proj.akima_points[i][0];
control.akima_P[i][1] = proj.akima_points[i][1];
At line 1391 change this:
proj.akima_points[i] = control.akima_P[i];
to this:
proj.akima_points[i][0] = control.akima_P[i][0];
proj.akima_points[i][1] = control.akima_P[i][1];

To fix the "Unable to save TIFF File ! Aborting...":
At line 576 change this:
to this:

2.2.3/ Now make and test xmrm.

make all

Run with:

2.3/ mpeg

Install the patches by:
Copy MPEG-patch into .../mpegdir and then:
patch -b -p1 <MPEG-patch

To fix this error:
egcs -O2 -c mpeg.c
make: egcs: Command not found
make: *** [mpeg.o] Error 127

edit the makefile line 11 from this:
egcs -O2 -c mpeg.c
to this:
gcc -O2 -c mpeg.c

Then "make"

2.4/ mpeg_play

Just need to edit the Makefile:

Make line 50 (gcc) a comment, and uncomment line 56 (Linux C Flags)

Make line 99 (LIBS) a comment
Uncomment line 188, and edit to suit. Mine is:
LIBS = -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lXext -lX11

Specify the destination, line 125. I chose to put it in the same directory:
DEST = .

Then "make all"

2.5/ Setup some links...

I made, manually, links from /usr/local/bin

ln -s /home/dad/Desktop/test/xmrm/xmrm xmrm
ln -s /home/dad/Desktop/test/xmrm/xmrm_mpeg xmrm_mpeg
ln -s /home/dad/Desktop/test/mpeg/mpegdir/mpeg mpeg
ln -s /home/dad/Desktop/test/mpeg_play/mpeg_play mpeg_play

3/ It works fine!

From: ooik [ date: 2005-02-03 ]
but sometime i got warning message.
"Not enough memory available!"...

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