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From: Paul [ date: 2001-01-09 ]
A good description of multicast addresses and useful example code which can be used as the basis for any project using multicasting.
From: martin <sword_guo(at)> [ date: 2001-03-14 ]
I think there have some clerical error about example in the article:
client source code and server source code should exchange there postion,
doesn't it?
From: Zaphod Beeblebrox [ date: 2001-08-21 ]
> if (sendto(s, buf, strlen(buf), 0,
> (struct sockaddr *)&srv, sizeof(srv)) < 0) {
> perror("recvfrom");
> }

It took 20 seconds to find that typo.
Please, check any code before posting it.

From: Jim Nguyen <ndd(at)> [ date: 2001-10-04 ]
Your documents are very useful. I did not know anything about IGMP before reading your document. Could you correct me if the following are wrong.

Is the term IMGP proxy is the same as IMGP server ?

Is there such thing as IMGPv3 yet ?

Is that true that the main task for a IMGP server is to convert a ClassD client which registered in its pool into the MultCast Physical Addrees before data can be send out ?

Thank You


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