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Mastering the VI editor

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From: Nitin Gupta <nitin(at)> [ date: 2000-06-14 ]
This one can really help counter the newbie fear of "vi" being difficult to handle.
I have been using "vi" for quite some time, and I found almost all the commands that I frequently use, were there, explained in a very clean manner.

The author Ben Y. Yoshino has really worked on putting the complex issues in a very lucid manner.

From: S. Effendi <fuke(at)> [ date: 2000-08-21 ]

I missed something about "default" configuration of VI, and user settings that can be saved in text file.
From: Troy Simpson <Troy_Simpson(at)> [ date: 2000-12-06 ]
I need to insert a character that is not located on the key board. This character is the "Section" character ( ISO 8859-1, Dec:167 Hex:A7 ). How do I insert this character into my text file using vi?
From: DaDuck <daduck(at)> [ date: 2003-08-12 ]
How about if u wish to subtitude a string for a foward slash?
Doubel quotes? Single quotes?

From: khurram bhatti [ date: 2004-07-04 ]
yah it's nice article to get started mastering vi editor.
very useful

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