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Yellow Pages (Part III)

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From: Joern Peter Boening <j.boening(at)> [ date: 2002-02-13 ]
Dear Frederic Raynal.

My name is Jörn Böning, from Büdelsdorf, Germany.
For over two years now, I work for the IT-Support and Administration of one of the biggest german ISPs. Since I have started, I learned a lot about different OSs, Hardware, Software, Networks.
Also about the different services and clients used in a big lan with a fast backbone-connection.
@home, I´ve got a nice little LAN (6 clients/1 server).
One of my biggest problems were the security of dns and wins.
Thanx Torvalds, there is iptables. ;o)
The next problem, were the communication.
( I can route anything from packet radio up to adsl.)
E-Mailing was a terrible nightmare. (Yoú will know about those.)
Novell Netware is not that bad, and endet this problem for me.
Thanx to Pegasus.
The last big problem I´ve had was NYS/DNS and authentication.
Thank you.
You´re article helped me that far, that my private nis-domain is running now, behind a good ids. And it runs, and runs, and runs.
Don´t believe to be founder of nys. But the infos, I´ve found out by you,
were quite good.
Must not underline, I´m glad to see you using my favorite os: Red Hat.
Now I´m off for the next problem: Online presents.
;o) Bye, by an admin.

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