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Learning with nmap

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From: Mario Arriaza <mario_arriaza(at)> [ date: 2001-08-13 ]
great Article. You show tpc/ip concepts very important for security newbies.

I know that nmap is the best scanning tool, do you recommend another one?

Thanks Thaks Thanks !!
Mario Arriaza
From: Klaus [ date: 2001-08-13 ]
I wonder wether there is somewhere a list with "illegal" Flag combinations (such as SYN+FIN)
From: okx [ date: 2002-01-03 ]
hmm in the german part he stats that ist illegal to scan other server than your own, that ist only 1/2 tru, if the server is "well known" of "highly popular" you might want to visit them, so they schould be aware of ..
From: Tony [ date: 2002-04-03 ]
On the website they provide the following information:

URL: Unix:; Windows:
Platforms supported: Various Unix (Nmap), various Windows operating systems (NmapNT)

But in your documentation you say:

Windows support is currently in beta phase. We are not offering binaries for download at this time, but we might do so later in 2001.
From: RagingDarksoul <mesterwan(at)> [ date: 2004-02-10 ]
Supa gemacht :) so wünsch ich mir eine Erklährung :)
From: Rudolf Kleijwegt <jabadakkas(at)> [ date: 2006-08-11 ]
Great documentation on how to filter network traffic!
I had some trouble accomplishing the same result with Onmipeek (packet analyzer for Windows). Eventually I created my own expert filter to get the same result as in tcpdump:

Protocol Filter
Protocol: TCP


Value Filter
Length : 1 byte
Offset : 47
Mask : 0x07
Signed : not checked
Network byte order : not checked
Operator : !=
Value : 0

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