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Once upon a time... or commercial Unix vs free Unix

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From: dmk [ date: 2001-12-10 ]
>> can keep my NT workstations at work for up sans reboot for better than 2 months straight.

The sad part is that many Windows admins think 2 months uptime is acceptable and that PCAnywhere is ok for remote administration.
From: Jo <rainbow(at)> [ date: 2002-02-20 ]
Even when it might not be entirely accurate, I still enjoyed reading this article a lot. As to whether it brings new information or not will depend on your prior knowledge of course.
I also think the translation to Dutch was really well done!

From: ahmet <mmc18mmc(at)> [ date: 2006-11-14 ]
Bilgilendirici bir yazı. yanlız bu çeviriyi yapan arkadaş Türkçe'yi katletmese daha iyi olacaktı.

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