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Samba Configuration

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From: anonymous <anon(at)> [ date: 2002-03-06 ]
Yeah - great work

Article written in english but french screendumps.

That sucks - try again!
From: Mark [ date: 2002-03-06 ]
I've used Win3.11 with encrypted passwords. DOS with TCP/IP also
works fine with encrypted passwords. Novell DOS 7 alson works well.

The trick with DOS is DHCP is on by default, so it will take about
10 minutes to time out. Just turn it off in the setup file before reboot.

From: Chuck Sites <syschuck at> [ date: 2002-03-07 ]
Well this is a question aimed at the Samba group. I've not been
able to find an answer to it in the FAQs. I have a group of Windows
systems behind a Linux masquerading fire wall, and each have a share I need
to access from outside the firewall. Two questions: Is that possible
and how?

I thought I would ask the Samba crew first. Best Regards.

From: Arjen <> [ date: 2002-03-08 ]
>Chuck Sites:
use smbmount to mount the windows shares on your linux firewall and share the parent directory of the mount points using samba. so:

mkdir /export/a
mkdir /export/b
smbmount //hosta/c /export/a
smbmount //hostb/c /export/b

and export /export using samba

From: Gary Stimson <> [ date: 2002-04-03 ]
Useful article, thanks.

To the person who left the first comment (but not his name): Try asking a Frenchman how much of his time he spends translating articles, program messages etc from English to French, then think again about whining about a few screenshots being in a foreign language...
From: Vincent [ date: 2002-04-16 ]
I have a printer connected to my win2000 machine which i want to share with my linux machine. Is that possible with samba, and how must i configure that?

From: Laurens [ date: 2002-04-27 ]
It's great! thanks a lot for your information, it helped me a lot :-)
From: jared <a3on(a)> [ date: 2002-05-29 ]
very nice info. perhaps someone can help me with a problem i've got.

i don't know if this is simply a deficiency in the microsoft networking suite, or if there is a samba ( 2.2.3a ) option i can enable to help.

the short version of the story is ::

i've got an openbsd PC acting as a catch-all gateway/firewall/samba-server, etc, etc. there are two windows PCs behind it. i'm running a ( seeming to be working 100% ) dhcpd and named on the gateway.

when i goto network neighbourhood on windows client A ( winA ), and browse to the shares of winB, all of the queries for what the shares of winB are are directed to and replied from gateway, i've got it setup to be a domain master browser/login controller, and that seems to be the way it ought to be. i can sniff those packets with either tcpdump or ethereal.,

winA can also browse to winA ( itself ) via network neighbourhood -- however, it can not map any drives it has shared to itself ( \\winA\share1 -> E: , for example ); i receive the error : "the computer or sharename could not be found."
also, on winA, if you goto start and run, and type '\\winA', it comes up with a non-helpful error of: "\\winA , an extended error has occurred."
and last, if i goto a dos prompt and do 'net view \\winA', i get a timeout after 2 mins, with 'error 55: the specified resource is not available'.

everything else seems to work fine. one can do \\winB from the start,run of winA with no issues -- i can map drives of other computers just how i want to.

i don't know if it is related: the netbios names of the computers in question are the same as the hostnames their local IPs resolve to due to the named configuration i'm using ( which would seem a logical method, no? ).

on the surface, and even underneath the surface, everything works -- but i am not the type to accept all my w9x PCs not being able to properly function with respect to themselves as a sound network config. i could provide my smb.conf if it would help, i just don't want to paste it in now as it is a lot of text... it has proven quite difficult to find the solution to this issue ( or even to find record of others noticing this issue ) on the net. it's quite an exhaspirating situation, as all my attempts to find the fix have been fruitless.

From: Mohit <a_mohit(at)> [ date: 2002-06-26 ]
I have an AIX machine which is NIS client, I want to install SAMBA on
this machine without enabling the guestok = yes option. I dont wanna use
hosts allow or deny either; in short I want everyone who can supply NIS
username and password from any machine on our network to be able to logon
to SAMBA. I am having Windows 2000 Professional clients for SAMBA which are able to see
SAMBA machine on Network and are prompted for username and password, but the
password validation is not taking place and in turn we are not able to
logon to SAMBA. SAMBA version 2.0.7 AIX-4.3.3. I have already tried @<username>
option etc.
From: Richard. [ date: 2002-08-29 ]
Great help with configuration file. One thing i wonder about Samba- windows filesharing is limited to 10 connections, how many connections does samba support?
From: martyn [ date: 2002-10-03 ]
very good information, but can you answer this one for me?

Hi all

Iím trying to set up my Linux (RedHat 7.3) as a PDC, I think Iím nearly there I can get PCís to join the domain but have a problem storing profiles.
The windows error I get is as follows: -
Windows can not create profile directory \\kyle\netlogon\mandy.pds
You will be logged on with a local profile only, changes to you profile will not be propagated to the server, please contact your administrator.

The PC that Iím trying to connect from is running windows 2k Professional with service pack 3. My smb.conf is as follows: -

path = /var/spool/samba
smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd
pam password change = yes
dns proxy = no
encrypt passwords = yes
null passwords = yes
socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_SNDBUF=8192 SO_RCVBUF=8192
wins support = true
printer = linux
obey pam restrictions = yes
security = user
unix password sync = Yes
workgroup = INTERNET
log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
netbios name = kyle
load printers = yes
os level = 64
preferred master = yes
domain master = yes
local master = yes
domain logons = yes
logon path = \\%L\netlogon\%u
logon drive = H:
logon home = \\%L\%U\profiles
logon script = logon.bat
add user script = /usr/sbin/useradd -d /dev/null -g 100 -s /bin/false -M %u

path = /home/netlogon/%u
create mask = 0755
write list = root

path = /profiles/
read only = no
create mask = 0600
directory mask = 0700

browseable = yes
writeable = yes
printable = yes

Thanks and hope you can help



From: Xil <Xil(at)> [ date: 2003-03-31 ]
I can share resources and add users/groups iow. I can get the list of files/users from the samba machine. It stores everything using passwordencryption=yes and enableplaintextpasswd on win98clients. I can even change my domain password remotely on winclients. I just said yes and true to avery parameter
From: adibe <iykeadibe(at)> [ date: 2003-07-17 ]
I have recently installed Linux 8.0, then Samba, but in an attempt to confirm Samba installation, the command:

# smbd -v

did not return any value or response on my Command Console
Pls help on how I should get ahead with the Installation.

From: Thank you<!-- [ date: 2003-12-08 ]

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