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Game Review - GLtron

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From: Average Guy <as if> [ date: 2001-05-06 ]
This is a great game. Really nicely done. It helps if you are a Tron fan.
Side note: I believe the first OS for the Burroughs computer was called
the MCP. I wonder if the Tron makers knew this...
From: CruzCoda <cruzcoda(at)> [ date: 2002-10-13 ]
After reading this article and having played the game, I find it difficult to agree with any of the negative points written about. It's almost absurd to think that a game like this which is not only free, but incredibly well done at this early stage, would be criticized simply because the floors aren't reflective or there isn't any network play. I would love to see someone do better in a shorter amount of time. All in all, this game not only sticks to the movie concept, but adds just a little spice with the arena sizes, speeds, and even the different graphic patches. Everything else is just fluff. =P
From: tufan <tufanavci(at)> [ date: 2003-08-28 ]
Hi... the gameS supeR
I am a turk. ý am from turkey.. name ýs tufan ..:) nýce to meet you ..

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