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GNUstep, the open source OpenStep

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From: strobe <anarkhos(at)> [ date: 2001-03-20 ]
Microsoft isn't the dark side as far as I'm concerned. The dark side is having to use X11 with it's zillions of unrelated toolkits which don't have HI abstraction. At least Explorer on OS X behaves like a mac app (unfortinately I can't say the same for Word or OmniWeb).

There is no point to a GUI if every app behaves differently. I avoid X11 and use the command line, it's less chaotic and I'm more productive as a result. By the same token I usually avoid the command line in OS X and prefer Carbon apps.

Also I have to say the article is a little misleading when comparing gmodels to NIBs. They aren't equivalent.
From: Laird Popkin <laird(at)> [ date: 2001-03-22 ]
I like NEXTSTEP and MacOS X plenty, and think that this project is a very cool way for more people to benefit from the beauty within that framework. That being said, I could really do without the MS-bashing here -- it just doesn't help anyone. Particularly since you can run NEXTSTEP/MacOS X applications on Windows NT with the runtime in WebObjects -- it's better to open the NT world to the benefits of NEXTSTEP than to alienate those folks. (Of course, this would be easier if Apple would allow NS apps to ship with the WO runtime...).
From: Paul Emsley [ date: 2001-03-22 ]
GNUstep is part of the GNU operating system and is therefore *not* open source, but *is* Free Software., how you can make such a basic error is mind-boggling.
From: CLoNE [ date: 2001-03-23 ]
This is great it really is a great opportunity for apple and the Open Source movement. The NeXTSTeP/Openstep API truely still is one of the best portable OO based api sets and OS X will gain free software and linux/unix will get new mac software after a recompile. Also Unix gets a good IDE after years of junk. Most unix toolkits are a nightmare with the acception of QT/KDE. The future is now and it is time for GNUSTeP to grow into the major development platform for UNIX.
From: Orjan Larsson <orjan(at)> [ date: 2001-03-23 ]
Using X as engine maybe was good enough.

But some of us would have like "make it right". I.e a successor to display postscript.

Apple did it with Quartz. Wish the GNUstep or GNUanything had done something similiar too. More innovation, less "cloning of commercial products"
From: leia <starwarsfan4857(at)> [ date: 2001-03-23 ]
GNUStep is our only hope. Apple is evil. Colorful boxes cost too much. Evil Apple won't let us have Openstep. Openstep is good. I have Openstep 6.1 for Intel. Both Mach and Enterprise Windows. OmniWeb is the best surfer.
From: Jeremy Chappell <jeremychappell(at)> [ date: 2001-03-24 ]
Heh, nice to hear from another NeXT fan. I think you're too worried about M$ and Mac OS X. Having M$ on the OS is better than not, it will allow "normal" users to enjoy the system we both love. With Office and IE on board, Mac OS X is something that more people will consider - if we can SHOW them applications other than these, then some will use them, but they have to run the OS to see the stuff, with out mainstream apps that won't happen.

I for one am VERY excited about this, I bought a Mac just to run Mac OS X Server, and haven't regretted it once. And I now have access to lots of black hardware too. MAGIC.
From: Anthony David <adavid(at)> [ date: 2001-04-02 ]
It was a sad day when NeXT pulled the plug on its hardware division.
That meant my employer, a reseller of NeXT equipment, dropped most
of its marketing plans with respect to NeXT. The salesforce, leery of this
new product they didn't really understand, retreated to selling Windows 3.11
as the OS de-rigeur. No comparison. I was delighted 5 years ago when
I came across WindowMaker and have run it on my Linux boxen ever since.
I even got to use it in one Solaris/NT shop I had a contract with.
Thanks for the update on GNUStep. To be able to pull in objects from
different apps and combine them in new apps was always an impressive
feature of NeXTStep and it is refreshing to know the GNUStep team
have continued fulling the dream.
From: Angela Chappell [ date: 2001-06-29 ]

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