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Through the tunnel

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From: Neal Pollack [ date: 2001-06-04 ]
What about showing how to use SSH to make a secure connection
for connecting to an email server? I've been interested in
how to avoid connecting over the internet for email with plain
text passwords for POP or IMAP

From: Kenneth karlsson <kenneth(at)> [ date: 2001-06-04 ]
For those of you who are stuck on windows, there is a commercial product
that uses ssh for telnet and 3270 connections.
Works like a dream and not too expensive.
Try AniTa from
From: Tom Walsh <golly(at)> [ date: 2001-06-04 ]
I would be more interested in how to create secure tunnels between un*x
machines! We just got rid of our windoze clients at the stores, in favor
of linux, and will eventually be connecting the linux boxes to a remote
MySQL server over the internet.

From: Fernando Pereira [ date: 2001-06-04 ]
I think tis article should have also talked about ppp over ssh, because
running a pppd daemon at both ends of a ssh connection enables you to create a real virtual private network.
For instance, you can use this encripted ppp connection to coonect two private LANs in a very secure way.

From: deneb [ date: 2001-06-04 ]
Instead of commercial ssh crap, for Windows use Putty SSH, which is free, opensource, secure.
From: Xitron <bhelms(at)> [ date: 2001-06-05 ]
Good article. I'd love to see one that expands on this and goes into all those details that you didn't have time or space to do this time. Examples often teach more than man pages. Thanks!
From: Daniel <droddick(at)> [ date: 2002-04-23 ]
You talked about using SSH for secure VNC sessions, do you have any ideas on how to force the VNC client to have to use SSH to connect. In otherwords the client would not be allowed by the server to make a normal VNC connection ? Any ideas would be appreciated. Daniel

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