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Using XML and XSLT to build

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From: Jon Babcock <jon(at)> [ date: 2001-09-23 ]
This article by Egon Willinghagen doesn't match the sheer practicality and
esprit de synthesis of his 'Making PDF documents with DocBook', one of the
best howto articles I've seen. It is a most difficult thing for an expert
deeply immersed in his subject, perhaps with years of experience in it, to
step back and tell a beginner how to proceed, selecting the most important things to teach first, providing just enough detail for the beginner to succeed in his shakey first efforts so that he will be encouraged to continue. Alas, most newbie instruction is inevitably left to the slightly advanced newbies themselves rather than the real gurus. I hope that Egon will be able to find the time to address this subject again, using this
article as a rough draft, and using the ability to succintly instruct that he has demonstrated so well in 'Making PDF documents with DocBook' to produce a document that can be used by beginners such as myself to build the backend for a multilinugal Web site that deals in content primarily arranged by articles.


From: Antonio [ date: 2001-09-23 ]
Great XML - DTD samples!
From: e-spy [ date: 2001-09-24 ]
can i get the whole thing in .tgz
From: Egon Willighagen <egonw(at)> [ date: 2001-10-19 ]
Sorry, for the late response, but i do not get informed when people add
something to the talkback pages.
I will see that i can find some time to write a XML+XSLT tutorial. This
article was not really meant to be for beginners.
No, unfortunately i do not have a tarball ready at this moment. I keep
this in mind for future articles.

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