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Singing in the web... with Opera 5.0 for Linux

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From: Atif Ghaffar <aghaffar(at)> [ date: 2001-06-24 ]
Hi Goerge, I have tried Opera too, and I like it a lot. Mozilla is also getting there.
I still use Netscape 4.77 for my regular browsing and Emails though.
Netscape is now officially dead. It may also have bugs that we dont like when
compared to Mozilla, Konquer, Opera etc, but please please please remember one

Netscape was THERE for us (Linux/Unix users) when there was no decent browser,
We might have had been using Windows if there wasnt Netscape on Linux. So lets
stop bashing Netscape (the company and the browser) and give them the respect that they deserve.

From: Georges Tarbouriech <georges.t(at)> [ date: 2001-06-30 ]
Hi Atif

I'll never forget what Netscape did for us... and I still use it on many
platforms. What I'm saying concerns facts and I keep thinking we didn't need
those buggy factories to browse the web. Unfortunately, it's like that :-(

CU in Bordeaux (I hope)

From: Stein [ date: 2001-07-30 ]
Hi, I've been using Opera since the old 1.x days (And the same for Nescape, for that matter) and I still use it for my daily browsing.

So I'd like dto give you a brief review from where I stand; Opera is quite possibly the next best browser available, nd in some cases even better than IBrowse (CSS). Especially the 3.8x versions. They had the best interface, and rendered most pages quite nicely. 4.x was a huge isappointment. It had lots of new features, but was well on its way towards ns and ie. 5.x came as positive surprise; it had cleaned upt thhe ui, n the rendering seemed fster. It allso was better at rendering "designer" pages. But here is the negative for all you linux ppl (I prefer the BSDs): Opera is better under windows! (For me, anyways). Opera was originally designerd for the windows desktop, and thus I feel some of the points it excel at, such as its handling of multiple windows (and lots of them), is "better" in windows. Before you jump up and down on me, let me explain: Windows is horrible with loads of windows open (Try to have more than ~15 windows open, bit more on the fastest pcs). X, on the other hnd is pretty good at it, plus it features virtual desktops. Operas window handling is a godsend in windows, but I prefer to let X handle it under X, intead of the "windowsish" handling opear does.

And hey! Support IBrowse, register toay!
From: Joe ARIDA <casanova_69_(at)> [ date: 2001-10-27 ]
it's great . I want to download it now .

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