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Singing in the web... with Opera 5.0 for Linux

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From: Sergio Mallorquin [ date: 2001-07-04 ]
For me, the Opera web browers is the best in velocity, but no have java implementation. This is the "talon Aquiles".

A Aplausse for the team of opera.
From: Angel Lis -Liso- <anlismon(at)> [ date: 2001-07-19 ]
I was working with opera and it really pleased me. but i want to know how use multimedia plugins like Macromedia flash.

Linux has you...
From: Fernando Ramos [ date: 2001-08-20 ]
The spanish translation of the article is simply terrible!
I know, don't complain, just do it yourself better...
I'll try to join the translation team, but meanwhile this translator could do a much better job!

From: Georges Tarbouriech <georges.t(at)> [ date: 2001-08-23 ]
Well, sorry for that ! The translator is the author and he is not Spanish.
The point is that proofreading wasn't done. It should be better soon.

I do apologize since I'm the author and the translator.

From: Rene Guzman <arqrag(at)> [ date: 2001-08-27 ]
I'm "argentino" and i speak spanish, the traslations is not the "better" but the contents is very Well and understable. Congratulations, i like to read your note and thanks for the effort for tanslate this to spanish

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