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Atek Super Mini Optical Mouse

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From: Greg Bell <gbell(at)> [ date: 2001-12-09 ] is also selling this mouse, along with a small keyboard.

the two together, with a RAD KD-5 LCD monitor make a great mini-terminal.

(expensive, though, you might want to stick with the $99 Compaq thingy)
From: grok [ date: 2002-01-14 ]
Nice, simple and well-explained article.

From: meg <mageego(at)> [ date: 2003-02-17 ]
are you selling the super mini optical mouse and how much.
From: Jahn-Takeshi Saito [ date: 2003-08-29 ]
Hey, great this really works! Thanks a lot.
From: Anonymous User [ date: 2003-12-18 ]
Es un artículo muy bueno. Me ha ayudado a poder instalar un ratón USB en mi Linux. Un saludo.
From: gilles rimbert <gilles.rimbert(at)> [ date: 2004-10-15 ]
I am happy to discover that way to use a mouse usb on internet , I shall use with mine. I expect that it will work well!

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