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A whole new world: A guided tour with Tux through the land of the penguin

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From: Fluff n Stuff [ date: 2001-11-04 ]
Hmmm. No mention of Opera, or the other Browsers available... As I have not yet 'booked my tour' (installed Linux) but am just doing the research, an inclusion of the various browsing options would have been a nice inclusion.
From: guido [ date: 2001-11-04 ]
The article mentions Opera, Netscape and others.... just read the article.
There is nothing new when it comes to these browsers under Linux.
They have almost identical user interface and functionality as
in other operating systems. Links to more exotic browsers can be found at It is quite impossible to mention
all available software packages.
From: Ward <Ward.Poelmans(at)> [ date: 2002-01-08 ]
Where can you find the "sloppy mouse focus" in Gnome?
From: andi <andi(at)> [ date: 2004-02-17 ]
Gefällt mir sehr gut dieser bericht. Vorallem für neulinge wie ich es einer bin auf dem gebiet linux ist das ganz prima. Ach ja und man merkt das es eine frau geschrieben hat, ist einfach mehr drin als nur info...
Fazit: weiter zu empfehlen!
From: Helen <amazon.galhn(at)> [ date: 2004-03-06 ]
Hi Ward,
A little late maybe but others' might also wonder. Under RH Linux 9.0, a rather fat installation, using Gnome, look under Main(the red fedora)-->Preferences-->Windows. The first item on the pop-up is what you seek. Check the box and your're done. Probably similar for KDE.
Incidentlly, it is a really useful suggestion!
Ta Ta - Helen

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