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MySQL and Perl, the marriage of convenience

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From: greg strockbine <gstrock(at)> [ date: 2002-02-25 ]
gotta use some kind of template.
All those print statements are one of the top arguments
the PhP lovers use against perl. :-)

From: Aaron Trevena [ date: 2002-02-25 ]
Perl can do so much more than vanilla CGI scripts like this one.

Templating for instance
- Template Toolkit (Probably the most versatile and powerful)
- HTML::Template (A lightweight html oriented templating system)

Database Abstraction
A well designed perl application can use any database backend supported by the DBI (DataBase Interface) module or others - these include Postgres, ODBC, Oracle and even flat files.

Web server integration
Apache allows you to use and write modules in apache written in Perl and C, this provides a huge amount of power and flexibility, as well as the benefits of caching and compilation, database connection pooling, etc
From: peter warner [ date: 2002-02-28 ]
Good Article!
From: francois cudenet [ date: 2004-07-29 ]
good article but how do you connect to a remate database

From: ali ahmed <alio11_11(at)> [ date: 2006-07-19 ]
with peast rgart

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