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Writing CDs with Linux

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From: Magnus K <magnusk2(at)> [ date: 2002-01-05 ]
You are talking about 'xcdroast only allows you to do a "write on the fly"', but if you first choose "Read CD" an option ~/track.toc is present after you have read the CD.
From: Richard S <regenmacher(at)> [ date: 2002-01-07 ]
Was heist SWAB-Byteorder, was macht das?
From: Michael <michael_hinz(at)> [ date: 2002-01-09 ]
SWAB-Byteorder bedeutet das die BIT Folge herumgedreht wird, oder so aehnlich. Die muss Aktiviert werden wenn man bei Audio CD nur rauschen hat, dann diesen Schalter aktivieren.
From: Peder [ date: 2002-02-12 ]
You can pipe the output of mkisofs to cdrecord to avoid the
extra space an .iso takes:
/bin/nice -n -10 mkisofs -J -r -V NameOfCD . | \
/bin/nice -n -8 cdrecord -multi fs=8m speed=8 dev=4,0 -

This pipes a Joliet and RockRidge iso of the current directory
to cdrecord and makes a multisession CD using 8 speed burning.
The nice values and fs=8m prevents 'coaster making'
From: Alexsandro Santos Soares [ date: 2002-04-26 ]
This article is very good! Really, it helps me with CD writting.
From: fatih aslan <fatihasl(at)> [ date: 2002-05-03 ]
size bişey danışmak istiyorum benim cd yazıcım var mp3 lerini hangi programla track cdlerine ševirip yazdıra bilirim (turkey)
From: Mojo <<no spam>> [ date: 2002-06-09 ]
Thanks for putting this webpage together. I am having various diccultie with various error-messages while trying to burn MP3s directly to disk with X-CD-Roast. Anyway, your summary really help to confirm my understanding of WHAT I am doing. Tip for all readers: Have a look at "cdbakeoven", relly nice front-end. Kind regards, Mojo.
From: alexander <alexmainusch(at)> [ date: 2002-09-24 ]
Hey !
I try to use my SuSE PROFESSIONAL 7.3. In this reference book
I read about cdroast and if I started it, this program
requires a SCSI drive from me or any SCSI emulator , why ?
Ther's no any SCSI emulator to find on my installation - CDs.
Can somebody know it, how to force the cdroast to work ?
From: guido [ date: 2002-09-24 ]
Hi Alexander,
read the chapter "What you need" in this article (especially the README.atapi).
You need the SCSI emulation layer in the Kernel. That's a simple fact
just as you need a driver to access some hardware.

From: SchmiTTT <ctino.schmitt(at)> [ date: 2002-11-06 ]
Hello !

Would like to know how to burn mini-discs with a normal CD-Burner.
If mini-discs can be read by normal CD-ROM device, then a CD-Burner
should be able to burn a mini-disc (mini-CD) too.
I googled, but there is no mini-CD burner software yet
for Linux. Somebody already tried this, but his recorder got broken (2 years ago). It must be possible !
Maybe it depends on hardware manufactorer if a CD burner accepts mini-CDs to burn them . . . would like to know more. Am at moment exploring after infos.
For feedback TUVM.

From: sam eye [ date: 2003-10-19 ]
just wanted to say thank you for the article. I am not a regular CD burner, but everytime i want to burn something, i refer to this article.

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