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Linux System Administration - A User's Guide (Book Review)

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From: hitesh <hitesh_haryana(at)> [ date: 2002-12-27 ]
i want to learn.
From: Michael T. Halligan <michael(at)> [ date: 2003-05-19 ]
First off, I have not read this book all the way through, merely skimmed it over and read sections which interetsed me. It's a good book. So are all of the other system administration books. I feel that these general overview type books are past their prime, with one notable exception. I recently purchased Aeleen Frisch's "Essential System Administration 3rd Ed." So I can teach my girlfriend to be a systems administrator.. I've had the 2nd edition since the day it came out, and i've maybe read 20 pages of it. It was a good reference, but it read horribly and covered far too much ground. The 3rd. edition is leaps and bounds ahead of it, and I've already read 1/2 of the entire book. Beyond this book, I feel the community would be better served by a series of systems administration books written by one author, but each one no more than 100 pages which covered a specific "task" in systems administration. I feel this would be beneficial, because frankly, most tech authors have no business being tech authors. If a good tech author could write a concise book about topic after topic giving configuration examples, best practices, caveats, 100-foot overviews, that the community would benefit.

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From: Jayakumar <sjk_sy(at)> [ date: 2004-12-22 ]
Hello Sir

i am so much of intrested to learn Linux Network Administration.....
I am in the beginning stage to Linux.....
Then what i want to do for become a linux admin let me know....

Is there any certification is available for this line...and how to apply for that....

With Regards

Raisn Technologies
+91 9840409933

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