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IOS, another REBOLution

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From: A;lan Crandall <alanwall(at)> [ date: 2002-03-19 ]
Ok, I just dled IOS and was very happy with it. I have used Rebol for some time as a USER not prgrammer. I use it on both Win98 and Amiga-Rebol View that is.Playing around in the IOS user dir came across some thing that I did not know it would do.Like open Excell/Word/and Visual basic.And 1 of the user dirs has a search engine driven by IOS that is much faster than anything else I have seen.Get it try it judge it
From: Jack Percy [ date: 2002-06-11 ]
An interesting concept, an IOS, but how does one call oneself an IOS
if it needs a client? I recommend you look at It does
all the stuff this does but, (i) HTML/OS is easier to learn and
program, (ii) there's NO client so it's really for the web and (iii)
it blows away ASP and .NET. Now that's something to write about!
-- Jack

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