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From: Charles <brown(at)> [ date: 2003-04-15 ]

It is just what I can say to you after I saw your job. The OpenUniverse is great! I have never seen anything like this. I am still confused with all the details of it.
I am a brazilian student of Computing Science and a lover of Physics. Now I am working with OpenGL in a Software of Simulation and Caracterization of Fractal Surfaces. Your job was an example for me, I will try to do my best and finish my job with all the qualities of yours.
I know my English is not very good, but my guess of learn and to do a good job is so big, and give me the strong to work more and more and the courage to write this text. Astronomy is one of my favorite themes in Physics, I would like so much if I have an oportunity to work with Astronomy and Computing Graphics. I want to talk to you for a time in propose to learn with you and to guide my jobs.

I am sorry about the errors of this text, and pleased with your atention.

Thank you, and a new CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
From: Betty <kimberly(at)> [ date: 2006-05-12 ]
Nice site!
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