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From: Corey Rogers [ date: 2002-05-03 ]
Get the latest version of galeon from its website. It works with mozilla 0.99. I haven't upgraded to 1.0 RC1 yet so I don't know if it works with that.

I wonder what email program you used in KDE ... kmail I presume. Well that is unfair to compare evolution to that. It's like comparing mozilla mail to kmail. Balsa on the other hand was/is a very fast mail client for GNOME.

As you can tell I'm a GNOME user. KDE is too much like windows, not that that is a bad thing but when I started using Linux I wanted something different. I didn't want a lookalike. Plus I like GNOME's elegance and the desktop can be very appealing and very different.

KDE is great for the enterprise because it is a standardised and functional desktop. Actually so is GNOME. But I personally see GNOME as one thing which makes Linux or any unix that uses it uniqe.
From: Rob Blomquist [ date: 2002-05-03 ]
I too, prefer the KDE desktop over all the other desktops for Linux. I also installed KDE3 over my KDE 2.2.2 installation on SuSE 7.3. As far as I could tell, the installation on SuSE was harder due to the "user friendliness/protectiveness" of the SuSE distro.

I overwrote settings from KDE 2.2, and what a mess. I still have 2 Kmenus that are different. I had to do a good bit of manual moving of files from /etc/opt/ and I had to hand edit the SuSE.config shell scripts to get KDM running.

I cannot wait to return to RH which I will do when a new distro is released, as it is pure linux the way linux was designed to be. SuSE is linux tweaked to a new dimension. Bleah. I had heard that SuSE was more KDE friendly than RH, Bleah!
From: antipehliac <antipheliac(at)> [ date: 2002-05-04 ]
Ive found this article helpful, now i know a little bit more about KDE3, i have never used KDE3 before, i used to use fast WMs like blackbox or fluxbox, now that i am getting a new fast PC i will give a try to KDE3.
From: Ian [ date: 2002-05-08 ]
KDE2 was bad enough on memory, now it seems KDE3 is even worse. I have 640Mb RAM, and a check now shows that my two virtual terminals, both running KDE2, have used all my RAM and there is 1.1Gb sitting in swap. KDE3 is also slower than KDE2, and KDE2 is bad enough.

I have to say I have no desire for KDE3, and in fact in some ways I want to go back to KDE1.1, mainly because it was relatively light weight and fast, and it did everything I wanted.

I think unless you have a machine with a decent processor (read at least 500MHz Athlon or similar and minimum 256Mb RAM), KDE3 will likely be too slow when you start doing serious work with lots of windows open.
From: Floris <floris-(at)-linuxfocus-dot-org> [ date: 2002-05-23 ]
Nice article Lorne!
Now that 3.0.1 is out, I'll give it a try on my Mandrake box.
Too bad that the memory consumption has become even worse than it was already.
Ian: if you want something lightweigt, try a simple windowmanager instead of a compelete desktop environment! And if you need KDE apps in that environment, you can still run them... But I sure agree KDE has become too heavy.
From: R0d <lnx1(at)> [ date: 2002-06-01 ]
I had a bunch of problems upgrading from 2.x to 3, only to bring my machine to a almost complete stop.. wish i had red this post before.. about the mem consumption that is... to be honest windows 2000 pro
runs faster than kde3.. on a PII 450mhz w/ 256 of ram.. i might get flamed by this comment but i has turned out to be true for me.. for example i can have 5 IE browsers open and listing to mp3s etc.. and kde3 tops out by having TWO mozilla browsers and control panel open..
perhaps is the upgrade from mdk 8.1 to 8.2 of perhaps is just the memory..

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