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L'heure du Jazz++

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From: Zero <zero0w(at)> [ date: 2002-10-18 ]
Thank you very much for writing this article.
I wasn't able to get Jazz++ to work until I read your article AND get the addon package to be found there.

One thing I want to add is that Jazz++ seems unable to work with ALSA 0.9rc3 release on my system with SB Live installed. However I modify the MIDI interface in "jazz.cfg" to OSS and it worked for me (in OSS compatible mode of ALSA 0.9) :-).

Once again, thank you for writing such a good article.
I do hope Jazz++ developers will continue to improve the package and port the interface to GTK if time is allowed. Maybe I should start do some coding myself :D .
From: yrone [ date: 2003-01-07 ]
Great tutorial! We need more multimedia tutorials and softwares for everyone. fruityloops for linux anyone?!!

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