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Mozilla dissected

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From: Karsten <tecneeq(at)> [ date: 2002-11-01 ]
Do you know Phoenix? It is a "light"-Version of Mozilla, just the Browser and a faster GUI. Check it out, it is stable, fast and good.

From: yurok [ date: 2002-11-04 ]
Phoenix is not lighter than Mozilla, but has lessier features. I thing Mozilla is best choice!
From: AV [ date: 2002-11-05 ]

Great article. Here are a few things that you might enjoy:

Check out the preferences toolbar at

Also, google searching from the addressbar still works for me, just type one or a few words and press the up-arrow to select "search Google for ..."

Another killer feature: select some text on a webpage, click right, select "Websearch for", or "View Selection Source".

(using Mozilla 1.2b)
From: Floris Lambrechts <floris-(at)-linuxfocus-(dot)-org> [ date: 2002-11-05 ]
Thanks guys...
Yes Karsten, I know Phoenix... But it did not exist when I started to write this article (neither did 1.0.1, 1.1 or 1.2 beta) - there's a moment when you just have to stop updating the article or it will never get finished :-)

I can recommend Phoenix to anyone interested in it - by the time it reaches 1.0 it will be a fantastic browser. Phoenix *is* lighter than 'Moz, it's smaller and faster. But yurok is right too, in a way: it still is based on pure Mozilla code.

The preferences toolbar looks promising too!
Another nice feature I forgot: you can change the text size of a page by using Control+mousewheel. Too bad I can't remember where in the Preferences menu this option is included...

From: developer [ date: 2002-11-24 ]
Konqueror is not a fake at all, but if you look with mozilla and konq. i.e. at the internal help from eclipse, you can see what is _the_ killer application and what is ready for the trash :-)
From: Gartner Ioan <igartner(at)> [ date: 2002-11-25 ]
It would be lovely if someone would explain me how to install
JAVA with Mozilla.
Please, no std stuff: yes, I checked
and yes java JRE is installed and yes I have a link in the mozilla
plugin indicated on the site of
Anyhow in the about://plugings java is not there and when acessing
applets, no it does not work.
Any ideas??? Any suggestions???
From: guido [ date: 2002-11-25 ]
Hello Ioan,
let's say you have installed mozilla in /opt/mozilla-1.1
then you need to go to
(cd /opt/mozilla-1.1/plugins)
and create a link to the right (!!ns6!!) java plugin from your
jre installation:
ln -s /usr/java/jre1.3.1_03/plugin/i386/ns600/ .

After that restart mozilla and enjoy java.
From: Floris Lambrechts <floris-(at)-linuxfocus-(dot)-org> [ date: 2002-12-09 ]
To install the Java plugin (if you don't have / need / want the complete Java JRE):

Become root.
Start mozilla.
Go to
Click on the 'Java2 Linux Plugin' button.
Click OK.

Done - it can't be any simpler than this :-)

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