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Gorm and ProjectCenter, the GNUstep RAD tools

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From: BeTa <beta-linuxfr AT> [ date: 2002-12-15 ]
I'd like to correct something in your article :
RAD is not some sort of IDE.
RAD is a development method to ensure non-regression and stability.

A quick search on google give me this "poor" result to illustrate what has been said :

I hope it would be usefull ! :c)

From: G.Tarbouriech <georges.t(at)> [ date: 2002-12-16 ]
You are right since RAD tools mostly rely on prototyping. However, GNUstep
and Apple tools are more than IDEs. If GNUstep tools are a bit "young"
the Apple ones are not far from true RAD tools. And what would be RAD
tools without NeXTSTEP's Interface Builder and Project Builder ?

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