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Secure your connections with SSH

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From: Stéphane Salès <linuxfocus (at)> [ date: 2003-03-06 ]
Complet, précis, les mots me manquent pour exprimer la qualité de cet article.
J'ajouterais juste que, sauf erreur de ma part, l'algorithme de chiffrement IDEA n'est plus "supporté" par OpenSSH(problème de brevet).
"Some SSH 1 protocol implementations also support the IDEA symmetric algorithm, but since this algorithm is patented in some nations, and because the other two supplied algorithms are sufficient, OpenSSH ships without support for IDEA."
"# OpenSSH was not vulnerable to IDEA-encryption algorithm attacks on the last packet[1], since the IDEA algorithm is not supported. The patent status of IDEA makes it unsuitable for inclusion in OpenSSH"

From: Frank <ftorres(at)> [ date: 2003-06-06 ]
I want to thanks this article, which has permitted me to prepare my classes very well

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