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Intrusion detection with Debian GNU/Linux

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From: Herge [ date: 2003-01-06 ]
neped is a very old tool wich only works with Linux kernels before 2.0.36 (4 years old). Antisniff should work better, but there is no magic bullet for remotely finding promiscuous systems.
From: Herge [ date: 2003-01-07 ]
Also note that portsentry is non-free software. Ippl should be used instead.
And ifconfig will NOT show an interface in promiscuous mode if the program putting the interface
in promiscuous mode is using libpcap.
From: Alex Wallace [ date: 2003-01-28 ]
Excelent article! And debian certainly is the best distrio IMHO.
From: Rémi Letot [ date: 2003-01-28 ]
tripwire being nonfree, it can be replaced by aide.
From: Ilya [ date: 2003-02-03 ]
> tripwire being nonfree, it can be replaced by aide.

Debian Woody also comes with Integrit, which replaces Tripwire
From: eric draven [ date: 2004-03-24 ]
nicely written. there are some gotchas, though:

in the tripwire section, you wrote :

tripwire -m i 2

this doesn't work at all; or, is this intentional?
From: larry <larry(at)> [ date: 2005-05-16 ]
Thanks for well written info and good talkback; wonder how much of it now (5/2005) is outdated? Tips on how/where to update info is much appreciated.

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