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Free Unix : the BSD one(s)

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From: Geert Stappers <Geert.Stappers(at)> [ date: 2003-01-20 ]
How can I submit patches?
There where more.

Geert St

From: Subhasish Ghosh <subhasish_ghosh_mail(at)> [ date: 2003-02-17 ]
I am a regular RedHat Linux and FreeBSD user.. I use these boxes for admin as well as hacking the source code...truely great "open source" systems....Good and sensible article.... job well done....

From: njm [ date: 2004-01-09 ]
thanx you for this very interresting article ,good job ;)
From: XeRXeS [ date: 2004-05-01 ]
"By the way, Mr. RMS you have not "recommended" to say GNU/FreeBSD or GNU/NetBSD or GNU/OpenBSD (all right, we have GNU-Darwin!): did you forget about BSD like the big Unix makers did, or is it that you find those people do not use "enough" GNU software?"

Richard Stallman has made his position on BSD clear, and to quote directly from the GNU website:

"People sometimes ask whether BSD too is a version of GNU, like GNU/Linux. The BSD developers were inspired to make their code free software by the example of the GNU Project, and explicit appeals from GNU activists helped persuade them, but the code had little overlap with GNU. BSD systems today use some GNU programs, just as the GNU system and its variants use some BSD programs; however, taken as wholes, they are two different systems that evolved separately. The BSD developers did not write a kernel and add it to the GNU system, and a name like GNU/BSD would not fit the situation."

Research, yeah? :p

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