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Basic Programming with Unix

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From: Josh [ date: 2003-01-03 ]
Good article!

I am a basic programmer.. done much with VB in the past and I just downed HBasic (yet to install). Anyone who says Basic is useless, slow, etc should pull their head outta their ass and wake up and smell the world. Basic allows Apps to be developed quickly. Clients want apps quickly. They don't want 12 months development times and basic allows the core functionality to be worked on without concerning ones self with other matters such as screen redraws - let something else take care of those things.

Using Basic does not make one better or worse. I've seen _plenty_ of crap Apps written in Basic without even the slightest clue or thought put into design or use.

Basic has its place - so does C, perl, python, machine code :) Use it in the right spots and in the right way.

Can you imagine a VB-like App (i.e. easy to use) on Linux? Clients would have a reason to move to Linux - Developers could (more?) easily write Apps for them in Linux.

Long live Basic! :D

oh, did I mention it's more _fun_ using basic? :D :D :D (flame away retards!)
From: Patrick Moulin [ date: 2003-01-11 ]
Here is one more interesting VB for Linux project. Phoenix Object Basic is a version 1.5 pre 6. However I am not sure whether it is still in development.
Here is what they say:
"The Janus Software mission is to bring easy to use, powerful applications to Linux that combine the best elements from the Unix and Windows traditions. It specializes in bringing popular Windows tools and applications to the Linux environment. Its flagship product is Phoenix Object Basic, which enables Visual Basic developers to deploy their skills on Linux systems.
Phoenix Object Basic is available as a free download and can be freely redistributed under certain conditions. " You may want to check it out at

From: Harry Binswanger <hb(at)> [ date: 2003-02-14 ]
Excellent article, very helpful to me in choosing which BASIC to use.
I've been using Cbasic (aka CB86) for 20 years, and want to get my
programs to run on a Unix server. For now, yabasic looks like the easiest

Thanks for the very complete information.

From: Jack Hoke <jwhoke(at)> [ date: 2003-02-17 ]
How could you not review True Basic by the originators Kemeny and Kurtz? I have used all DOS versions 1 thru 4 beginning with version 1 in 1985. It is the simplest and most powerful basic out there for scientific and engineering work. Look it up on the web and see for yourself.
From: Anonymous Coward [ date: 2003-02-18 ]
Gnome Basic has been discontinued in favor of the Mono project which aims to provide a complete .Net environment on *nix systems. Anyone doing VB development should check it out at
From: Harry LeBlanc <hleblanc(at)> [ date: 2003-02-18 ]
Excellent article. I'm looking forward to giving these projects a test-drive.
Once there's a mature project that's reasonably compatible with VBA, hopefully someone will create a project to port MS Access apps to linux. There's a million-dollar idea for you!
Unfortunately, the article didn't have a link for HBasic -- does anyone know it?
The Janus site seems dormant -- they never responded to my multiple email queries.

From: Mike Keehan <Mike is available on> [ date: 2003-02-18 ]
I've been using Gambas, which is still at an early stage (0.44), but is a very useable VB like Basic for building user interfaces. And probably more, but I haven't needed to do anything more complex yet.
From: J E Thelin [ date: 2003-02-19 ]
It would be nice to see KBasic use DCOP to integrate into other KDE apps.
From: Andrew Flegg <andrew(at)> [ date: 2003-02-20 ]
Unfortunately no mention of BBC BASIC[1] in the evolution of BASIC, or it's new cross-platform interpreter, Brandy[2]. Otherwise an interesting article.

From: Anonymous [ date: 2003-03-09 ]
Hbasic link:

From: Jeroen ten Berge [ date: 2003-05-07 ]
I was surprised seeing basic support for unix systems, i have difficulties learning C and later C++, it's such an ugly language in my perspective.
I've started programming with MS Access VBA since my employer wanted it's db apps optimized, i've done some pretty crazy stuff with MS Access 2K using dll calls when no activeX control was availlable;
But i don't like the microsoft stuff anymore since i see ms is in the long run developer unfriendly and also only thinks about the bucks instead of the end users.
Now i know the access file format is propietary and it's no good for networked environments anyway, so i'm looking forward being able to use one of the basic programs, make an app using postgresql or some other db and make good business apps for use on unix as well as on windows. Goodbye microsucks ;)


From: Anonymus [ date: 2003-09-07 ]
Hi, great article. It would be nice to have it updated, since many basic
projects have been improved. (Others nearly vanished).

Maybe some more details / tests would be helpful and maybe BASIC developpers
which actually used the specific interpreter/compiler can be interviewed.

From: Meillier Yves <phyves> [ date: 2003-10-06 ]
J'aime beaucoup cette analyse, mais actuellement je me retrouve très coincé par le fait que j'essaye de convertir un programme écrit en 1977 en Basic HP 9896 pour le faire fonctionner en visual basic (Windows XP).
Existe-til un lexique sur les anciennes instructions et leur conversion en visual basic ou explication de leur disparition. Je peux citer plusieurs types comme assign, offend et autres
Merci de me répondre
From: luca cassioli [ date: 2003-10-13 ]
Now wxBasic is a complete programming environment: I wrote a program which converts WXR files (created using wxWindows Dialog Editor) to WXB files (standard wxBasic sources), and I also created two files for syntax highlighting, compatible with SynEditor and conTEXT editor. Details on my page:


From: Yann <yannbenigot(at)club-internet;fr> [ date: 2003-10-27 ]
They have forgotten Rapid-Q(but he's not GPL)
From: Mehmet Emin Ayan <mayan(at)> [ date: 2004-11-05 ]
This article is worderful. I can find only the one artivle in turkish and it is veri usuful for me... Than you.
From: Mipooh [ date: 2005-01-20 ]
Pretty old stuff in between. Although not much happened in between, much of the information is not outdated. Developers seem to sleep.
K-Basic went away from GPL and id still not released yet.

A new star on Basic´s heaven is Freebasic, even now brandbew, should work crossplatform, at least Win/Linux and is meant to be QBasic compatible. It´s a compiler.
Commercial Basic Blitzmax is out as Beta version for Win/Linux using OpenGl wit an IDE working on both platforms. MacOs Version is already released...
The new basics seem pretty good...
From: Carl Gundel <carlg(at)> [ date: 2006-06-26 ]
Readers here might be interested in the Linux port of Liberty BASIC (not the LB Compiler Collection stuff mentioned in the article) that is underway. This will allow easy programming in a cross platform BASIC for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. There is discussion and screenshots at
From: RLBARON [ date: 2006-07-02 ]
I'm a french basic programmer...
Whith GFA basic on ATARI ST, I've create a (virtual) robot "music-realcomposer" which compose more than 2 billion songs, melody and orchestration (with only the GFA source : 300Ko !!!
No templates, No additional files, No music data...just the scales).
The basic langage is clear like "moutain sources" (bad jok or bad french poetry).
Now I would like to try X11-Basic (if I'm not too old!)
I hope you come to see MY SITE to listen some mp3 by the Robot:
<<< >>>
(click the flag to read in english (better mine).

From: epsilon_k <dabert.maurice(at)> [ date: 2006-09-13 ]
Beavo pour cette documentation faisant référence aux différent BASICs utilisant l'os linux je vous remercie de votre recercche.

Sorry no speak english. beautifull investigation in BASIC. Think you for fo your work.
Epsilon_k (french)

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