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Fighting against Spam

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From: david <forodejazzREMOVE(at)> [ date: 2003-01-14 ]
It's very instructive/informative.
This article has helped me and I've learned a lot with it.

From: Heinz [ date: 2003-01-18 ]
Thanks. It's time now to do something about SPAM I get every day.
You gave me some ideas.

From: Vicki [ date: 2003-01-31 ]
Thanks. It's very very good article!
From: Alexander Langer [ date: 2003-02-22 ]
Paul Graham has some interesting articles about spam and what to
do, especially Bayesian Filters. The other articles (via the "articles"
button in the upper left corner) are also worth reading!


From: Clay [ date: 2003-03-11 ]
Some good info. But obviously this an emotinal topic for you as you also dropped some lead boots up front.

Not every spammer is a criminal. Our server gets plenty of spam from banks and other legimate dealers. Perhaps it is better to say they are folk with a lazy work ethic.

Unenrollment. The situation is not good. But you go right off the deep end when you suggest working unenrollment must be manpower intensive. I am sure you could whip up a workable script in less than a day -- if you were motivated. But you are certainly right about parts of the situation, especially the fact that there is no material reason motivating good unenrollment procedures -- except where the laws are changing. Faulty efforts are probably most typical. Then you have a few % that take unenrollment attempts as confirmation of live email address for new master lists. Very bad for individuals but from a system standpoint at least they might trim off email server processing of dead email addresses. But the earnest statistic keepers are actually a good thing. They are at least trying to design spam that receiptents don't mind getting. Or they are dropping folk one way or another.
From: jorge <alfredorock(at)> [ date: 2003-08-17 ]
your notes is good, y'm interesting in your comment, and prefered una write in spanish, thankyou
From: Göran Göttsche <goeran.goettsche(at)> [ date: 2003-09-10 ]
1. Bogofilter has moved. It can be found at SourceForge:

2. Excellent article
From: erich rieder [ date: 2003-09-28 ]
This site is very helpfull - thanks.
During September I made a statistic about where the spam cames from.
70% USA/Canada, 15% SouthAmerica, 10% Asia (reg in Australia), and 5% Europe

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