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External attacks

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From: jtk [ date: 2003-04-06 ]
Other types of attacks include taking advantage of ICMP services (e.g. redirects and source quench), using invalid TCP parameters to slow or clog hosts (e.g. use minimal window sizes) and perform multicast pull attacks (spoof IGMP joins on behalf of the victim). Overall a good article, but the list of possible attacks really is endless.
From: Frank dijkstra <fdijkstra(at)> [ date: 2003-07-20 ]
the past few weeks i'm getting these kind of warnings in my routerlog:

2003/07/19 10:32:15 ** IP Spoofing ** <IP/IGMP> ->>
2003/07/19 10:33:11 ** IP Spoofing ** <IP/IGMP> ->>

and also a lot of TCP IP flooding which disconnects me from internet for about 30 minutes:

2003/06/27 16:29:05 ** TCP SYN Flooding ** <IP/TCP> ->>
2003/06/27 16:29:06 ** TCP SYN Flooding ** <IP/TCP> ->>
2003/06/27 16:29:07 ** TCP SYN Flooding ** <IP/TCP> ->>

how can i solve this? i'm a complete newbie when it comes to ip's and stuff, so please explain in easy terms, rather in dutch than in english.....
From: a proctor <karma(at)> [ date: 2003-08-30 ]
I am a home pc user. Running win98se. Lots of security problems. Currently using Sygate Firewall. Whenever I connect to the internet using my dial up
connection sygate requests permission for to connect using ICMP protocol. I now have multiples of (aol) in my traffic log. This is before I even open IE. I am absolutely not supposed to be part of a "network". Nor do I ever use aol services or browse w/aol.
Antivirus programs show nothing. Security scans show nothing. But, you should see my firewall logs! Any info is better than no info. THis is a daily thing. And, yes I have fdisked, formatted & reloaded. THREE TIMES.
From: Valon <sex_not_valid(at)> [ date: 2003-12-29 ]
How to send syn pack
can you learning me for send syn packet
I like to kill ircd ip
Pleas tell me

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