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8cm-Multiboot-CDROM with modified Knoppix linux

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From: Tobias Unsleber <tobias.unsleber(at)> [ date: 2003-05-09 ]
You mentioned that there is a free version of F-Secure. I only saw an evalution version for Windows (30 Days).

I'm using The Antivir for Linux from H+B EDV. It's only a personally registered Version so I'd like to have one which I can give to others too.

The Knoppix Customizations page is cool. I think now I can Integrate Knoppix good into the rest of my Rescue CD with ntpasswd,Powerquest Drive Image/Partition Magic/BIOS Cracker...

From: Tobias Unsleber <tobias.unsleber(at)> [ date: 2003-05-11 ]
I discovered 2 AV-Scanners free for personal use. The download links can be found here:
From: tjabo [ date: 2003-05-18 ]
thanks for your comments. I think I've mixed up f-prot and f-secure...

From: Cabeza <federico(at)> [ date: 2003-10-15 ]
very cool article.
I found a mistake in the example of " Boot menu with boot scriptor "

if you wants the example working, please try including the getkey command :)

onkey f1 goto bootDisk1
onkey w reboot warm
goto MenuLoop

From: leinad <leinad(at)> [ date: 2003-10-27 ]
I found this:
"So when booting knoppix this happens: The "boot.img" file written into the iso file loads the linux kernel from the emulated floppy disk, loading the initial ramdisk. The linuxrc process loads the "cloop.o" driver module, and searches for a file "/KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX" on all attached devices with a known filesystem. Yes, it should be possible to boot the compressed knoppix even from a hard disk. But I've never tested that.
After finding a device with the compressed filesystem, it becomes mounted, and hardware detection and all the other things start."
And I have a question: when i put "boot.img" on multiboot cdrom, I receive error about "lost file system" of KNOPPIX.
Other boot_images work well, but... not Knoppix.
It's possible to make multiboot CD with Knoppix ?
I tried to modify "linuxrc" file, but... nothing happened.
Somebody help me, please ?

From: Roland THOMAS <> [ date: 2004-05-11 ]
Hi !

I should like to know whether it is possible
to do the same thing with a DVD instead of a CD.
Are there some différences, which ?
Is it totally different, impossible ?

Thank you for an answer.

Roland THOMAS.
From: Gilmar M. Mendes <g4lnx(at)> [ date: 2004-07-06 ]
Hi guy, congratulations.

In this moment I embeded with a hard trouble to make a win2k image file.
A time ago I download a multibootable CD, from chinese site and this help me a lot.
I will make my own multiboot rescue cd with skills posted in this page.

Thanks, Gilmar.
From: maria [ date: 2005-08-03 ]
thank u for your article it's good and helpful
but i have some trouble with "hotkey",i don't know how to add it to bscript.ini
could you please help me?

From: krish <linuxnewbie82(at)> [ date: 2006-07-11 ]
hello all

My objective is to Re-master Fedora Core 5 into a single CD.... i.e. Stripping down the 5 CD Distribution into a distribution that fits into a single pretty much new to Linux... I have about a weeks time to accomplish this... will be great if you can guide me on where to start off & provide me with a couple of links that could help...

well primarily i am actually after a resource that leads me to :

1. the basic essential packages ( must install rpm's ) to get a Linux distrb working
2. The configuration files tat need to be modified
3. Making an Bootable iso image of my new distrb...

Any guidance in this matter will be highly appreciated.



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