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A GNUstep small apps tour

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From: Sebastian Stein [ date: 2003-06-05 ]
I'm sorry to read that you are going to retire. I allways enjoyed reading (and translating) your articles. All luck on your way!
From: Georges Tarbouriech [ date: 2003-06-25 ]
Many thanks Sebastian. Very kind of you.
From: Nicolas Roard [ date: 2003-07-02 ]
It's a nice article, but it's rather sad that you choose to stop writing such articles :-/
Well I hope you won't entirely leave the free software world. Anyway, I'd like to thank you for your contribution. Be sure the articles were much enjoyed !

From: Peter Cooper [ date: 2003-07-02 ]
Thanks for your article. Real free software ideals can only be communicated by people with enthusiasm and commitment - your writing has been a good example of this. Good luck with your future endeavours, perhaps including at least a small amount of software libre?
From: Justin Cutietta [ date: 2003-07-03 ]
Very nice, and thank you. I am a fan and user of GNUstep, and your stories have done it justice. I would also like to say, that for those who are looking to have a more OpenStepish environment, or to have a GNUstep system set up for them, that is the home of a great new Operating Enviornment, based on the Linux kernel. While it is by no means complete, the current work being done will be grand.
From: Arnaud Danassié [ date: 2003-07-11 ]

Yet, thanks a lot for your good work especially with your last articles on GNUStep and Rebol/Ios ;-D I read # all # your articles since the wonderful Amiganews (french amiga magazine by Bruce Lepper) in preWindowsAges.


Arnaud aka bigdan
a french Amiga/Linux user on Pegasos
( for details)

From: Doug Foskey <lemans4(at)> [ date: 2003-07-17 ]
Georges, sorry to see you go. I have enjoyed the articles you have written. I am a Linux user only, (tho my brother is involved with a section of OO.) I belong to a LUG, and have been trying to get them involved in a project (even something like proof-reading documentation i really needed.), so I understand the committment it takes to be a part of the FOSS community. So, thanks for the committment so far.
regards Doug
(& thanks also to the LinuxFocus team - I enjoy the articles.)
From: Stephane [ date: 2003-08-27 ]
Hello Georges,

Back from holidays and read this bad news.
You make a really good job on this site and it was a source of ideas for me in my daily work.
Hope may be the times will changes.
Not only in computer world as I try to understand in your message. Like a lot of people I do not also appreciate the actual 'liberal way of life'.
I keep a little hope in my head for futur.
Have good times

From: Shane Simmons <regeya(at)> [ date: 2003-08-30 ]
Very nice article, and sorry to hear that you've gone! Can't argue against your assessment that the Free Software world is obsessed with chasing Microsoft's tail; wish you would stick around. Alternative projects need advocates! Was surprised to learn of several projects thanks to your article. Makes me want to take up Objective C! :D That might have practical uses, since I work with OS X for a living!
From: Bruno Vernay <bruno.vernay(at)> [ date: 2003-09-15 ]
I don't really understand why you have to "retire". Even if you don't share the same ideas. You still can work for your own opinion. I guess that you lost your motivation and maybe fell like being left alone ? Then it is a bit sad.
Anyway, a big thank for what you have done ! (I hope I could do half the same.)
Have a good day !
From: didier <didier(at)> [ date: 2004-01-02 ]

I agree with you, i have dicovered gnustep with a friend, i known bsd' world
i understand you.
Linux is finally a fashion like others things in our poor life
Whe are not living in a wonderfull world

Enjoy yourself

From: Maître Daniel Jègoû <academiecharlemag(at)> [ date: 2004-12-04 ]
Oui mais en Français ce serait beaucoup mieux
From: brian morris <cymraegish(at)> [ date: 2006-06-07 ]
read this article and enjoyed it, its still
right on track for me.

maybe you just needed a break, hopefully not
too long.

i don't know why but the late 90s were just
too much for me, so i gave it up until a few
years ago.

picked up unix again this year and it only took
me a few weeks of trying the others before I
settle on gnustep being the only thing for me.
(that thing about windows chasing - my refuge
was macs so ...)

anyway i am glad that gnustep is here because
it maybe makes the difference of whether i am
here (more or less :{)

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