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A 1 Bit Data Scope

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From: curious <nothanks(at)> [ date: 2003-07-02 ]
what would this be used for? i'm totally clueless about something like this but interested in what purpose it serves.

thank you
From: Bob Smith <bsmith(at)> [ date: 2003-07-14 ]
I used it as way to snag code from an IR remote. The input to the 1 bit came from a Radio Shack IR decoder.
We also used it once to "watch a watchdog". The watchdog reset on a Linux appliance seemed erratic. We wanted to see if our pet of the watchdog timer really occured at the interval we thought it should.
One reader reported using it with a 576K serial port to capture framing information from a custom video capture card.

From: Romie Ruiz <romie(at)> [ date: 2004-03-27 ]
First of all I'm new at this. What I'm trying to do is design a software tool, used for trouble shooting devices on Modbus. I have some device that have modbus
protocol, but the address are limited. I would like to add new address's. So I need a device to read the rs485 port. Is this something I can use.

Thanks Romie
From: zidane rachid <bouchene(at)> [ date: 2004-12-14 ]
oscillateur commondé par tension(vco) TL 082
la plage couverte(20Hz...200Hz avec les valeurs indiquées)est inversement proportionnnelle àla valeur de c

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