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Book review: The Art of UNIX Programming

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From: Steve [ date: 2003-11-22 ]
The book is available online at:

From: Cobbler [ date: 2003-11-27 ]
I bought the book at Comdex this year and read a large part of it on the long flights back home (Las Vegas/Phoenix/London/Cape Town). An excellent book, well worth the investment for any programmer developing in any language; the power of using text files in order to utilise the plethora of UNIX tools is very well explained, the KISS principle is emphasised and encouraged. The UNIX philosophy is not only applicable to UNIX, as it should be the basis of most projects, and is well explained in this book.In short, a common sense, practical book - buy it for yourself, your developers and your CIO. Well done, authors!

(Note that this is my opinion, and not the company for whom I work. Companies cannot have opinions, in any case)

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