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Temperature monitoring with Linux

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From: remi suinot <rsuinux<at>> [ date: 2003-11-08 ]
Descriptif interessant, que je cherchais depuis longtemps.
Mais comment connecter 2 ds1820?
La fiche technique n'est pas tres explicite.

R. Suinot
From: R.J. Mercier <rjmercier(at)> [ date: 2003-11-11 ]
A design note !!!

According to Dallas Semi specifications, VDD, when not used, MUST be connected to GND, not left floating.

From: Robert Litman <> [ date: 2003-11-11 ]
I've been doing this using these chips for years. They're really quite great for monitoring server room A/C status. Please note that the DS1820 was being phased out, in favor of the DS18S20, which looks the same, but takes 750ms for a response, instead of 500ms.
I currently have 7 sensors, on a bus of about 50m, with few problems, but I have had interference issues, using cat 3 twisted pair for the bus, in my dropped ceiling. It could be interference from my fluorescent lights, or nearby fire-alarm wiring, but whatever it was, it was solved, with aluminum foil shielding (nothing high tech here).
From: Laust M. Ladefoged [ date: 2003-11-23 ]
Great article. I have been wanting to play around with the 1-wire chips for a while and this article made me take the first step - thanks.

I am running with the 3.2 version of the DigiTemp software, there is a pre-compiled RPM for RedHat 9.0 that supports the passive adapter the article builds. Works really nice.
From: Jorgen Greve [ date: 2003-12-09 ]
Hi, thanks for the article!

I been a bit playing arround with the 1-wire devices. My goal is to setup a system for monitoring and controlling the heating system in our house.
Dallas semi have other interesting 1-w devices, e.g. digital i/o that read a switch or with a driver, control a valve.

Brgds Jorgen
From: phenix [ date: 2004-05-22 ]
Can i use a ds1822 instead of a ds1820 ? The ds1820 is expensive.
From: Dieter Roemgens <scheiff-roemgens(at)> [ date: 2005-03-26 ]
Thanks for the article!
I have a Problem. Initialising DS1820 works propper, also reading out Data with digitemp-1.3. But everytime it tells me 85C, the powerup-reset-default. Were is the Problem, can you help me? All components are ok and well connected. Also the Vdd leg is grounded. The Bus is ok, also with more than one DS1820. Dammed 85 C!

From: ketty collins <kettycollins(at)> [ date: 2006-07-05 ]
hola, estoy interesada en saber si tienen informacion sobre sistema de monitoreo para la plataforma linux en el area de servidores, es que me encuentro haciendo mi tesis de grado y es poca la informacion que he conseguido.

agradezco respuesta.

ketty collins

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