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An ISDN - Fax with Linux

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From: Fabio [ date: 2003-11-29 ]

thank you for this great tutorial.

From: Nathan Cutler <livingston(at)> [ date: 2004-01-26 ]
Hi Sebastian:

Just wanted to thank you for your article about
setting up CAPI for ISDN faxing. I have a Fritz!X
external passive ISDN T/A here in the Czech Republic
and found it very difficult to get it to work with
Linux. In the end I succeeded, thanks in great measure
to your helpful article.

I also wrote a detailed HOWTO article in Czech for
this piece of hardware, which was widely distributed
for free here, and plan to translate it into
English for others using the commercial version of
the hardware.

Thanks again,
From: Manf [ date: 2004-06-30 ]
super Anleitung! hab CAPI auf Anhieb zum Laufen gebracht! uebrigends auf einem RedHat9.

From: Teun Kaptein <podologie.achilles(at)> [ date: 2004-07-29 ]
Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for your article about setting up Capi for ISDN faxing.
I still have a small problem, i can't receive any fax.
Sending a fax with c2faxsend goes perfect, but when i'm calling the faxline, c2faxrecv doesn't anything.
I'm working with SuSe 8.x and installed the capy4hyla path and reinstalled hylafax software. I'm using a shell with Super user option, maybe thats the problem ?
Do you have any suggestions ? I hope so.

Thanx anyway,

Teun Kaptein
From: Steven <steven(at)> [ date: 2005-04-27 ]
Thanks for this Howto
one small problem unable to sendfax through hylafax
it works with c2faxsend. where do I set the "SendFaxCmd: /usr/bin/c2faxsend"
I have set it in the config hylafax and config.faxCAPI
I am running SuSe 9.2 Pro

From: Javi <jjgutierrez(at)> [ date: 2005-06-16 ]
Hello, I'd like to know if I can printer incoming faxes and send then to an e-mail automatycally, and if I can storage then where I want.
From: Toth Istvan [ date: 2006-11-02 ]
Great article, in fact the only only one with a complate HowTo that I coul find!


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