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Going 3D with Blender: A room with toys

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From: Jacobo221 [ date: 2004-01-22 ]
You should get paid for this! ;-)
I can see lots of efford behind this article. I like the enthusiasm and the way you explain (so clear...). Go on with this great articles! It's surely worth writting it and reading it :-)

By the way, Gabriela González is makeing a great job on the translations... thankyou very much Gabriela.
From: Jacobo221 [ date: 2004-01-24 ]
A few comments I have to add after finishing with this chapter (the above post was submitted before getting to the end of the article):

You should (in my opinion) explain (even argument) a little what your doing. For example, why "Bezier Circle and convert to mesh (alt+c)" insteaad of just "Mesh -> Circle"? Also, in the part about assignin different colours to a same block, you should emphatise that it is _necessary_ to create a new colour to make it work. Well, I just think that the chapters are getting too much into "do this, that and that" instead of "this does this this ad this, so do it to get this". I hope I'm explaining clearly as you teach Blender ;-)

Nothing more. Just keep on with this explendid work!

BTW, the "Select" button is not necessary at all when assigning something for the first time in a block.
From: Tom [ date: 2004-03-01 ]
I agree with Jacob. If it's possible you could write more about what you trying to do with particular object.

But hey, that's something I came up. It's a fantastic article and I can't wait for the next one! Thank you so much!
From: Dorian [ date: 2004-03-16 ]
Thanks a lot for this great article.
The french traduction is also excellent.

From: matti <MATTI.MOLLER(at)KOPTERI.NET> [ date: 2006-10-05 ]
just loved your binguines.nice

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