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Test: pre-installed Linux Notebooks

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From: Anony <onlinehost4(at)> [ date: 2004-02-05 ]
Interesting article! i will check sf as soon as i am done writing this and see about the power management. Sadly i am currently forced to work on mac os 9, do you think i could use tpctl to correct soem of their crappy settings?

From: Bill [ date: 2004-02-10 ]
I'd add to the list of vendors. I've been a satisfied owner of one of their laptops for nearly a year.
From: Guido Socher [ date: 2004-02-15 ]
In the mean time I have found two Laptops which
are very similar to the LC2410. The LC2410 is made somewhere
in China (manufacturer unknown) according to the label on the Laptop.

The LUP4IA Pentium 4 seems to be almost 100% identical except for
a slightly different CPU speed (thanks to Bill for this link to laclinux):

The Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo D 7830 seems to be also made by the same
unknown manufacturer:

From: Bushidoh Hacks <bushidohacks(at)> [ date: 2004-05-24 ]
The LC2410 seems very promising. I used to have a HP Pavilon N5450. I like the fact that there is onely one pannel on the bottom where there is access to the battery, memory, CPU, heatsync, and especially the harddrive. With My HP, I litterally had to disasseble the entire machine just to take out the harddrive, replace the memmory. The port where the battery was (before it stopped working and I had to take it out for good), left a hole that the manufacturer had cut out that let all sorts of dirt and stuff from the outside get in.

Secondly, the LC2410 now is available with Fedora. At this point the April Core update is available. From what I've heard, ACPI support will be available by July. Although I could be wrong.
Check out the Fedora website:
From: Robert [ date: 2004-10-03 ]

Just reporting:

I had bought a LC2410 after reading the post from Bushidoh. I have been *very* pleased with it. I bought it with Fedora Core 1. Pretty much everything worked out of the box. I retired two older computers, after this purchase.
From: Jon [ date: 2004-10-14 ]
Found a same-looking laptop ... but with an Athlon-M, and at mid-price 750 € !
Look there

From: any [ date: 2004-10-26 ]
kaç para
what cost of it
From: Hideo [ date: 2005-01-06 ]

I bought this machine from LAC
Spec. 2.8GHz. 1G M. 60GHD.

It was fine but had problem from the start.
1)In the booting, it stopped after swap message. (It still does sometime)
2)Touch pad stopped working in 2 days but it came back after a few months.
I have no idea about the reason.
3)A small screw came off from the box after 6 months.
4)The machine started making electrical noise when I touched right hand
side edge of the machine. It is quit scary. (8 months) I am using an
external key board now, which I found is convenient.
5)The battery died (1 year). One day system clock lost its time.
6) The screen became almost invisible --- seemingly known as a backlight
problem. (1.3 years)
7)And It started even failing to boot from both CD or the hard drive.

I will send it back to the LAC for repair since I have a 3 year warranty.
But do you have any idea what is going on my machine? I think the battery
is pretty bad and LAC people also told me it should not die in 1.3 years.

I wish the fan is slightly more quiet. This is my first laptop so I have
nothing comparing to but I will probably buy a Mac power book for my next
laptop because I rarely use the laptop for extensive computation. If I do,
the machine seems to start to burn and its fan runs like crazy.

I like the LAC people and they are very responsive but UPS service was very bad. I paid the over night service for my laptop and it took more than 2 weeks.
I was about to cancel my order.

From: Just Mike <nomail(at)> [ date: 2005-04-12 ]
I emailed to inquire about their laptops and never got the courtesy of a reply. So you statement that they answer email only applies to you. Also they have not user reviews at, so apparently they do not want reviews of their products on the net. The fact that the machine ran an uncomfortable 140 degrees is reason enough not to buy it in my opinion. Also if they said linux was compatible with all hardware they either do not know their own machines or they lied.
From: happy [ date: 2005-04-17 ]

Bought LC2210D laptop from LinuxCertified - I think this is very similar to the LC2410 laptop. Have been very happy with it. I think for me the biggest value add was the fact that they walked me through wireless configuration with my company's encrypted wireless network.
From: cyber_rigger [ date: 2006-08-07 ]
Companies selling preinstalled Linux and no-OS

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