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Going 3D with Blender: Modeling a chest

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From: Ries, Cornelia <conny-ries(at)> [ date: 2004-01-23 ]
Thanks for this article! Nevertheless while "playing around" with version 2.31 I really do have
a peoblem: scaling/rotating is no problem - but how do I succeed to "flip"?(mirrowing)
Maybe I'm too blind too see the wood because of all the trees?
So, if I could get some help I would be really happy!!! -and if yes please step by step?
Thanks by forehand
best greatings
Cornelia Ries
From: Jacobo221 [ date: 2004-01-31 ]
Again, excelent.
Maybe too little explained some parts, but fantastic anyway. Also, same problems I found in the third article.
Please, continue with this series of articles!
From: jerod <onlinehost4(at)> [ date: 2004-02-05 ]
Great article, i am a novice blender and i am slowly reaching my goal of becoming a skilled modeler ^_^
Your article is well written, and Your english is very good.
From: Frances Fleming [ date: 2005-11-29 ]
So simple and effective! This is another inspiring Blender project :)

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