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From: Egon <egonw(at)> [ date: 2004-07-21 ]
When translating this file I noted a few errors... the Exim init.d script is not exit but exim instead (twice wrong). And the /etc/uucp/ config file call should have a link to and not
From: Guido Socher [ date: 2004-07-21 ]
Oh, thanks Egon
From: Gaham <graham.hancock(at)> [ date: 2004-10-05 ]
I do not understand this section:
Setting it up, SSH part
We must now generate a DSA key for ssh and upload it to the admin page. How to do this is also described on the admin page. I just repeat it here.
- Become uucp user (su - uucp)
- Execute ssh-keygen -t dsa
- Do not give any password.
- upload the content of ~uucp/.ssh/ to your admin page

can you please explain it in a more detail??
From: Michel Maldener [ date: 2004-10-15 ]
Konfiguration zu aktivieren (/etc/init.d/exit restart).
sollte sein:exim
From: Ed Carp <erc(at)> [ date: 2005-04-23 ]
I wrote uucomp back in 1993 to deal with high LD phone bills to retrieve my
personal email. It uses gzip, and typically achieves 75% or better
compression for email messages. It is also configurable to allow for
download of just email addressed to use (via grades), as opposed to
everything in your mailbox.

It works well over SSH. I have recently updated uucomp to rewrite UUCP bang
path addresses into more modern Internet addresses. It works over any
transport that supports UUCP - smail, sendmail, qmail, etc. It sits on top
of UUCP and requires no modification to UUCP itself - a minor modification
to the Permissions file, and wrapping uucico is all that is needed. It
currently works with Taylor UUCP, but has worked in the past with HDB UUCP,
so it would be easy to reconfigure it if needed.

It can be freely downloaded from

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