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Tuxpaint: A paint program for kids

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From: Herald <linux_schools(at)> [ date: 2004-04-10 ]
Hello Katja Socher

It was a really nice article on tuxpaint.

Once anybody starts using tuxpaint for some hours, they can't leave it. THey will be hooked to it.

I was really amazed to see one of my students use tuxpaint and do some really nice paintings on her own. You can find them by name Ms.Mehek from Hyderabad in tuxpaint website in the gallery. She was using Windows at school. She likes Linux in my house where I am giving coaching in here school subjects . The students are pestering to use tuxpaint. But because of the exams We are not giving computers until the exams are finished.

I have submitted more than 50 drawings by another student which may take some time to be loaded at tuxpaint website.

Even I am hooked to tuxpaint now. Even an ordinary person can become a decent painter by using tuxpaint.

Herald from Hyderabad, India.
From: ece <ece_ege(at)> [ date: 2004-04-18 ]
I want to colour the pictures
From: CibeRaid <ciberaid(en)terra(punto)es> [ date: 2004-08-01 ]
A nice program for kids....

From: McFire <a.zirm(at)> [ date: 2005-03-20 ]
Hi Katja,

yeah, its very useful, this nice little tuxpaint. I sometimes use it as a sideroad, when I work with my big graphic program and need some simple forms and effects quickly. And this parallel.
Of course - my children use it too :-)))

From: frank simari <simarifrank(at)> [ date: 2005-03-26 ]
my grandchildren are coming for the holidays.
i have two computers and have loaded up tux paint on them

i really like this program and i have many so called sophisticated ones but the simplicity of use is extraordinary

i would like to create png files tha can be colored in. i can do it of course in this program but would like to be more exacting for certain pictures. when i save in other drawing programs as png files, i do not know how to save them so as to allow the coloring in tuxpaint.

do i save them as transparent interlaced or how. i am really ignorant of the method.
would you please advise
thank you

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