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Gentoo linux

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From: Flo [ date: 2004-05-25 ]
Ich spiele selbst mit dem Gedanken zu gentoo zu wechseln, du hast mich sehr darin bestärkt... vielen dank
From: David Medberry <david.medberry(at)> [ date: 2004-06-08 ]
Nice advocacy page. Especially appreciated the recommendations (which I agree with) start with Stage 3 first time around.
From: efbeha [ date: 2004-06-10 ]
erm, ja! ein toller artikel der genauso wie auch die informationen und das userhandbook auf bzw *.de toll sind.
"Eigenes einzigartiges Linux, dass genau das macht, was man/frau möchte. sowohl für experten als auch für komplette linux nebies geeignet...IST ES NICHT!!
ich habe heute Morgen und den gesamten Vormittag (besitze leider keinen Internetanschluss auf meinem Rechner) versucht gentoo mittels der universal-cd zu installieren - ohne erfolg.

dein artikel ist und bleibt aber trotzdem toll!
From: heXa <hexa {at} v-level {dot} de> [ date: 2004-08-03 ]
i use gentoo. it takes long but its fun to install it and after an succesfull install its really easy to handle.
In the end its learning by doing... bash,vim,man are your best friends
and lets talk about the 20.000+ available packages...
i already used gentoo before you wrote this article and its my Distribution of choise and i thing i will never change. (ok older hardware or no time is a good reason for it, but not on my workstation!)

--- -> Linux (-> Distributionen _soon_)
From: Moonlight [ date: 2004-08-22 ]
Nice article. I agree 'Gentoo Linux' is an interesting distro.

I have been using Gentoo Linux for about 1 year. Indeed I learned a lot about how to install Linux, about how to configure/compile a kernel, about USE flags, etc. ... but finally I decide to change from Gentoo Linux towards Debian GNU/Linux since also this distro gives the user full flexibility. When I compare Debian GNU/Linux with Gentoo Linux : apt-get versus emerge : package handling is similar, but the advantage of Debian is that you don't have to compile everything. Also a kernel upgrade is somewhat more optimised, for example, GRUB is automatically updated. With Gentoo you have to update this file manually. This is nice, because you will learn more about GRUB, but after doing it a few times, ... it's becoming boring.

Conclusion, people interested in distros like Gentoo, ... have a look at Debian GNU/Linux too ! Feel free to compare both distros.

Cheers, Moonlight
From: JJK [ date: 2004-08-23 ]
You can try to use Linux From Scratch too. It's not really a distro, but it uses only the official sourcecode to compile. Of course, that's a long way. But you knows exactly what you are doing then.

Have a look at

Best regards,

From: Jimi T [ date: 2004-09-11 ]
A nice supplement to the Gentoo site.

Although I have been using Mandrake (8.0 and now 10.0) for nearly four years, I did tinker with Debian 2.2rc5, IceBox (?!), Suse... and Mandrake has always been the easiest/nicest to get along with. HOWEVER, I am now tearing my hair out after so much instability in the Mandrake 10 (KDE 3.2?) code that I yearn for something more robust, more flexible, more streamlined, and more stable: Is Gentoo the answer? I must admit that I am very tempted to use Debian again.

...One hitch: I need Support for Maya (.rpm) and Quicken (Codeweavers' CrossOver Office - .rpm?) and to build Apache/PHP/MySQL from source as I like it! Oh yes, and to rebuild glibc with the minimum of fuss when certain apps break (Blender under Mandrake 10 :O).

Can anyone help please?

Many thanks in advance.
From: fatmike [ date: 2004-09-17 ]
although this is my first experience with linux i choosed gentoo and started a deep search about it. this guide is one of the best article i've ever read. thanks a lot.
From: demonsdread <isbaran(at)> [ date: 2004-10-26 ]
Hi.. i have a redhat 9 installed and i love it :) I used linux for one year and want to try gentoo. Do you think its suitable for me? ( i know some programming ( C, C++ ) and want to improve it. ) Or should i study more on programming and linux ?
From: demonsdread [ date: 2005-04-11 ]
Sorry for that message i posted, its because of my bad english. and about the article, thanks, one of the best article for pple willing to try gentoo. will be a good start point
From: BSDjunkie [ date: 2006-01-08 ]
Well you've definately peeked my interest in GNU/Linux again!
I started with RedHat back in '97 and have also used SuSE for 3 years and finally switched to FreeBSD and used that for about 4 years.

I LOVE FreeBSD. It runs like a machine, not a desktop. If nobody's ever tried it, then you won't know what I'm talking about. FreeBSD uses ports and can also use packages much in the same fasion I hear Gentoo does - in the true UNIX fashion.

I could go on about FreeBSD and how the installation process is MUCH more controlled than other distributions of GNU/Linux.

I am fascinated to try Gentoo for the first time...

More info will follow. Please try FreeBSD as well.

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