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Data loss, worst case

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From: heXa <hexa {at} v-level {dot} de> [ date: 2004-08-03 ]
your so right! journaling-fs are the best invention ever.
im using ext3 or reiserfs and i love it when it says
"Recovering journal..."
from time to time it happens especially on my laptop...
little hint: # fdisk -l /dev/hda; fdisk -lu /dev/hda
and write down or print the numbers, you will need them if some nonLinux, nonFree OS erased your Partitions. Because there wont even help the best fsck.
i know what im talking about... lost my whole Gentoo System for one hour, then found my printout of this data and recovered it...
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From: harry4bo <harry4bo(at)> [ date: 2004-08-18 ]
nice to read your article. Makes me a lot of hope to repair my System too.
Yesterday i tried to enlarge my Debian Partition (Kanotix BH7) with removing
my Suse 8.2. But Qtparted doesn`t work properly and so i lost the Suse Partition. Running qtparted again comes up with an Errorcode and couldn`t detect a Partition on this second drive anyway. Although my Debian System is booting and running properly I canīt use the lost Space.
So i will try to repair my second drive with reiserfsck. Hope that will
work. :-)
From: Leon <leobro A_T utu D_O_T fi> [ date: 2005-09-28 ]
It was fun to read your story after having gone through the same experience myself today (of course, always afterwards ;-)

While setting up suspend-to-disk (swsusp2) 'something' went wrong with my root partition and I was unable to boot at all. Using Knoppix live cd I restored lilo to the MBR first (which allowed booting) and then took a d-e-e-p breath, a cup of coffee, and let reiserfsck do its thing... I expected huge amount of data loss (reading all the mishaps detected by reiserfsck) but so far, "D-Day+93 min", everything seems ok.

I never gave it much thought, but I agree, JFs rule!

Cheers, Leon.

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