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Dia, a diagram creation program

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From: Twan [ date: 2004-07-18 ]
Does anybody know some goodlooking network creation objects, i'm working with dia for some time now, great usable program, but this is the only that is missing.
From: kragn <kragn(at)> [ date: 2004-09-10 ]
I used Dia for sketching an engg. schematic, and found it very easy to use, and powerful too: creation of non symmetric curves was great for my drawing. Can anyone tell me how to save xxx.dia to some other form like xxx.jpg, or other graphic format which can be mailed to a Windows environment ?
From: crquan <cr_quan(at)> [ date: 2004-11-19 ]
Very Goold!
From: Kalle [ date: 2004-12-13 ]
Kragn: "Right click" -> "File" -> "Export to PNG".
If you necessarily need it in JPG. Use the program "convert".
From: majie <eggplantqie(at)> [ date: 2006-08-18 ]
Is there anybody know how to store a map drawn by DIA
after draw a map , I store it as a "+++.dia" .But when I want to open it again,it has become a map ,which cannot be recognised .
Please help me to solve the problem,thanks.

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