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Platform independent software development

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From: denixa <denixa(at)> [ date: 2004-11-09 ]
Very good!!!

From: Jimbo [ date: 2004-11-09 ]
Sehr informativ!
From: Clopomor <gav_spam(at)> [ date: 2004-11-10 ]
WxWidgets - Win32/Linux/Unix(gtk+,Motif,lesstif)/MacOS/MacOS X/embedded(X, WinCE,PicoGui)
IDE - MiGWStudio,Dev-Cpp, wxGlade

From: Murray Baker [ date: 2004-11-12 ]
Re gtk for Win32. Two big gtk app's have been ported to Win32, 'Gimp' and
'Ethereal'. I have used Gimp extensively under NT4 and a little under 2K,
and used Ethereal a little bit under NT4. Both seem absolutely reliable.
Gtk for Win32 is probably better than it seems at first.
From: Ferenc [ date: 2004-11-30 ]
Ein wirklich guter Artikel!
Wir benutzen aktuell noch Visual Studio Version 6. Für die Erstellung des Frontends haben wir auf Visual Basic gesetzt, da es sehr einfach zu erlernen ist und auch schnell zu Ergebnissen führt. Für alles, was "schnell" sein muss, nehmen wir Visual C++. Da Microsoft mit .NET endlich ein wirklich mächtiges Konzept umgesetzt hat, reizt der Wechsel schon, aber die Tatsache, dass wir mehrere Monate portieren müssten, nur um die Oberfläche von Basic 6 nach Basic.NET zu bringen und dann trotzdem nur Windows abgedeckt ist, ärgert uns sehr. Deshalb sind wir ebenfalls am abwägen, was sich plattformübergreifend gut mit C++ kombinieren lässt.
So ein detaillierter Bericht liefert dafür natürlich sehr interessante Informationen! Klasse
From: Dragonfly <darks(at)> [ date: 2005-01-18 ]
Very good article!
Now I make choise between Trolltech Qt and wxWidgets - thanks to this article :) A little time ago I was dissapointed by the number of platphorm independent packages to choise from. I have some exp. in Qt, so I would prefer it in all maters, except of it cost. Very informative aticle. Thanks.
From: Hossein <h15n/at/> [ date: 2005-01-18 ]
Very good, full of usefull things, but english version was full of spell mistakes. I've corrected some of them, and I wonder if I could send these corrections, but I didn't khow where to do this.
From: Andreas Pokorny [ date: 2005-02-08 ]
We are using to write a 3D Editor in gtkmm, which works without flaws. We never expected any different behaviours on Windows.

You should have searched, in the Tutorial you will find a link that leads to this simple installer:

If you want a really portable environment you might think about installing the msys environment. Then you can use autotools to build your applicatio.
From: Rehan Younus [ date: 2005-02-23 ]
Nice Article, Helps the new bees developing initial understanding about Platfrom independent concepts and comparison b/w different technologies
From: Michele Alessandrini <drinka(at)> [ date: 2005-04-18 ]
Beautiful article!
In my life I used or tried almost all of this tools, in the neverending search for the Perfect Multiplatform Library. Now I use Qt under Linux and wxWidgets for Windows. This article is excellent in making a very complete review.

From: Riksoft [ date: 2005-07-07 ]
I have the same problem, and I'm looking for a solution, analizing every language of the planet! :-)
At the moment I'm trying Java.
Great article... and immediatly hilighted to others in Italy here
Many Thanks!
From: Laurenz <L dot herz dot 5 at gmx dot de> [ date: 2005-08-23 ]
Very intersting and detailed article! I'm planning to go from classic c to c++ and graphical surfaces on Win32 and Linux platforms. Up to now I thought wxwidgets might be the right choice. Now I know: it is the right choice! Thank's a lot!
From: desipenguin [ date: 2005-09-06 ]
Article says no linux version available for .NET.
What about mono project ? Aren't they aiming to make .net framework available on Linux ?
From: sheen <sheen_vempeny(at)> [ date: 2005-09-13 ]
There is one more tool for cross-platform development.Its name is
RealBasic.It works in Mac,Linux and Windows.You can download it
From: DJ-Andrey-sXe [ date: 2005-09-20 ]
Very good descriptions! It seems I agree with more then half of text. Thank you!
From: Marcos Mayorga <marcos(at)> [ date: 2006-02-02 ]
RealBasic is privative sw
From: CyberDog [ date: 2006-03-19 ]
Hat jemand mit Lazarus und FreePascal gearbeitet?

Has anybody been working with Lazarus and FreePascal?

Thanks for any comment
From: Derek Jones [ date: 2006-06-17 ]
About 6 years ago when I was looking for a cross platform development toolkit, I tried several of these. At the time, I choose FLTK; I think mostly because even then it had a GUI builder--very similar to Visual C++. Having tried Motif and getting very frustrated manually laying out every widget I quickly decided a GUI builder was not optional. Unfortunately, I don't think wxWindows had one then--I don't think this has changed, has it?
From: Blue Sea [ date: 2006-06-21 ]
Good article! I really like it.
I have chosen Qt for 2 years, just because "KDE" is made by it, and "KDE" is a very successful project.
From: Paolo Holzl [ date: 2006-06-22 ]
I have found the same problem and the same perplexity.
I share almost all the opinions expressed in the yours excellent article. Today the problem of to develop cross platform is find some tools that do not depend directly from someone and be comfortable and swift.
I should add that what still appearance is a language I alternated at MSAccess that the logic of planning share of it and therefore the speed of development RAD.
Unfortunately all every day the tests of ambling alternate and cross platform have been to remake.
Mono is approached to VB for the remainder there is much road to do, in the long-awaited use Mono.

I ask excuse for the mine horrible English

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